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Welcome to the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year.  Spring has sprung here in the Northern half of the world.  And on Monday, April 8th at 2:20 PM EST, the Sun and the Moon will align, almost perfectly to give us the eagerly awaited Solar Eclipse.

What is all the fuss about?!  From our perspective here on Earth, the cosmic light of the sun will be obscured by the moon almost completely.  In the middle of the day, the lights will go out!  The chickens will think it’s bedtime.  All will become still.  Eclipse chasers will be peering through their funny glasses and all will be revealed.

Well, maybe not all…but something should emerge from the dark.  Something previously unknown to us.  Eclipses reveal.  What was once obscured, suddenly becomes known.  Well maybe not so suddenly.  We entered the eclipse season in the fall of 2023.  So, we’ve all been receiving messages since then.  The stars of the show are Aries and Libra.  Cardinal Signs.  One Fire.  One Air.  One Independent.  One Collaborative.  Notice, I didn’t say Co-Dependent.  Well, maybe for some of us.

Monday’s new moon will be in the Cardinal Sign of Aries.  We all have Aries somewhere in our chart.  In this area of our chart, we are called into leadership.  We are impulsive and opinionated.  We may act without thinking.  We are brave, and sometimes clumsy.  We charge forward and consider the consequences later. There is a lot happening in the Aries portion of our sky. Not only do we have the sun and the moon here, but also Mercury (appearing to move backwards), Venus and Chiron. Chiron, the Shaman, the Healer and the carrier of a childhood wound is perfectly conjunct, or in the same area of the sky as the sun and the moon.  So we have a lot to consider.  

The energy of Aries is powerful.  Spring pulls us out of Winter’s icy grasp.  The arrogance of those early blooms and first blades of grass!!  Pushing up through the cold and moist winter soil as if to say, I AM ALIVE!  Let’s do this!  Sleepy bear cubs and climbing out of their dens eager to seek food and adventure and growth!

We are definitely experiencing a collective growth spurt.  And that is not always comfortable.  But Aries wants us to be brave, right?  Where in your life are you called to step up and lead?  Chiron in the mix suggests that you might be bumping up against some old patterns that have heretofore held you back.  Yes, you are pushing up against the edges of your comfort zone. But, you can do this.  You are no longer a scared little kid.  You have agency.  You have desire.  Venus is here to help us declare what it is that we want and in Aries she has the energy to take some solid first steps.  There is only ever one next step.  So, take it!  You don’t have to have all the answers right now.

Aries is ruled by Mars who is partnering with Saturn in Pisces.  Mars and Saturn together are an awkward pair.  Mars wants to forge ahead and Saturn is slow on the uptake.  Mars is youthful energy and Saturn is an old man.  Mars edges are softened in watery Pisces.  Saturn is a grounding force that can give shape to our Piscean Dreams. I like to think of these two as very capable contractors slowly building a bridge over troubled waters that will take us exactly where we want to go.  Building a bridge is not easy.  Make sure to study your plans carefully. Mercury in the mix can jack up our calculations so we want to make sure to measure everything twice, maybe three times. But if you do misstep, give yourself a break.  Reassess and try again.  Pisces asks us to be compassionate with ourselves and others.

Others.  Libra.  Two weeks ago the full moon was in Libra.  And sixish months ago the new moon was in Libra, also an eclipse.  The South node may have vacuumed some people out of your life.  This New Moon is highlighting the North Node which drives us forward.  But then we also have Mercury retrograde looking in the rear view mirror so, we may be considering what happened with those relationships that flared up (and maybe burned out) last October.  Has a healing occurred?  Are they still blocked?  How do you feel about how that all went down?

All that to say, our important relationships are definitely in the spotlight.  Ok, I’m thinking about it like this, when it comes to my Eclipse lessons, are my relationships helping me or hindering me?  Like, do I want them on my construction team (remember the bridge we’re building)? If we’re marching forward bravely, in an Aries-like fashion, we need peeps on our team cheering us on.  And we have to do the same for them.  We have to do it for each other!  

Let’s take a closer look at where the Eclipse is revealing the newest version of yourself:

Aries: You are learning things about yourself that were previously hidden from you.  You are ready to let go of some old habits.  Listen to those that you trust.  You are getting some necessary feedback from your true blues.

Taurus: Your glow up is happening in the deepest part of you.  You may feel like not sharing what is going on deep inside of you and that is ok.  You are dealing with closure and seismic inner shifts.  Allow yourself to turn into a pile of goo if necessary. The chrysalis is a goopy mess.  The monarch, a symbol of freedom and flight.

Gemini: You are being called to show up in your community in a new way.  You are ready to take on some new responsibilities in the book club, or healing collective or your affinity group.  You have what the people need so don’t hoard your juju.  Your people need you.

Cancer: You are a very impressive grown up and a lot may be being asked from you at work right now.  Or maybe you are ready to do more and feel like you’re not being utilized properly.  Take a risk at work.  Ask for a raise.  Make an appointment with your mentor to determine the best next steps.

Leo: This eclipse is showing you where you might expand, proud lion.  Are there places that you have been wanting to go but have felt out of reach?  What if you took one step closer to the next version of yourself?

Virgo: Stay open to collaborating with others in ways that you never have before.  The eclipse is offering you opportunities to combine forces that could be beneficial to your checkbook. The eighth house of financial and sexual intimacy is on blast.  Challenge yourself to try something new in one or both of these areas.

Libra:  If you are in a new relationship, things are going to be hot hot hot this week.  And maybe a little confusing.  You are being asked to grow up a bit and one or more of your closest friendships or loverships is going to be a big part of that. Hang on, things could get a li’l bumpy.

Scorpio: Your work schedule may feel a little demanding right now but rest assured it is for your good.  You are being called to serve.  You didn’t know you were a healer?  Well, you are. Share the ways that you have learned to heal yourself with others.

Sagittarius:  So much fire!  So much creativity!  Don’t be afraid to share that brilliant mind with the world, Sag.  What is inside of you is ready to come out.  So gather up your best ideas and show them off.  Apply for that residency.  Finish that play. If it feels a little bit scary, then you’re on the right track!

Capricorn:  The wisdom of this eclipse is being revealed from your very own home.  That thing inside of you that you thought was a curse is actually a blessing.  Some old family stuff is ready to be released.  Don’t clam up.  Talk to somebody.

Aquarius:  Allow yourself to get out into the neighborhood and make some new friends.  Spontaneous meetups could provide you with just the person that you needed to show up in your life.  Explore your surroundings with the spirit of an explorer.  Something fantastic may come from a very familiar setting.  Call your sibs.

Pisces: Yes, you are having a financial glow up.  For some of you that might feel like a tightening of the purse strings.  Fear not, you are actually getting better at managing your personal finance.  Some lessons have simply arrived slower than you may have planned.  You are very abundant…and worthy.

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