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Eclipses...What's the big deal?

Welcome to Eclipse Season, people. 

Why should we care?  Well, Big shit happens in the areas of your chart where the eclipses occur.  Stuff gets revealed.  Directions get chosen.  People get blocked.  Wait, is that just me?

OK, the signs that we want to pay special attention to are Aries and Libra.  Why?  Because the North and South Nodes of the Moon are in Aries and Libra, respectively.  Huh?  The Nodes are responsible for eclipses and when the Sun gets near them, we get solar and lunar eclipses on the full and new moons.  Neat!

Good News:  We all have all the signs in our charts.

Someone:  Not me, I don’t have anything in Aries.

Me:  We all have all the signs in our charts.  You may not have any planets in certain signs.  Some houses may be free of any planetary activity, but, We all have all the signs in our charts.  Which means that somewhere in your chart the nodes are moving through Aries and Libra.

Fun fact:  The nodes always move in retrograde motion. They enter a sign at 29°59' and leave the sign just after crossing the 0° point.  

Fun fact: The nodes are always directly across from one another.

The nodes stay in one set of signs for about a year and a half.  Whoa!! Whaddaya mean “a set of signs?” There are twelve signs in the western tropical zodiac.  Each sign has a sign that sits directly across from it.  We can learn a lot from studying the signs in pairs.  They have a lot in common.  And they have a lot out of common.  But they can’t get away from each other and they have a lot to teach each other. For example, 

Things Aries might say to Libra: 

Don’t be such a pushover!

You wanna have sex?

Don’t think about it.  Just do it!!

Speak up!  I can’t hear you!

Who cares?  Fuck them!

Things Libra might say to Aries:

You’re very loud.

I wasn’t staring at you.

Have you ever considered mediation?

Um, there are other people here.

Your head is bleeding.

But they have cardinality in common.  They both occur in the first month of the season.  Cardinal signs I like to lovingly call Boss Bitches because they like to come first. To Lead.  Don’t tell them what to do.  They don’t like that.

Ok, so what does all this have to do with the astrology of this weekend, right now, this week or last October? Well, we are gearing up for a gorgeous Full Moon on Monday, March 25, 2024 and it just happens to be a Full Moon in Libra and it also just happens to be a Lunar Eclipse.  OK. 

And why last October?  Well we had a New Moon in Libra, so you might be feeling some similar themes come up now that you did then.  And when we focus on Libra, we focus on relationships.  Deep breath in.  Deep breath out. 

The Nodes.  The Dragon’s Head and Tail.  Our karmic destiny.  One pulls things into our lives (North), the other poops it out into the cosmic composting toilet (South).  The North Node, (the Sun, Chiron, and Mercury) are all in Aries. Get comfortable with yourself, dearies.  Check in with what it is you want to get done in this world.  What are you creating that is really yours?  It’s art festival season here in the southern USA. It’s so interesting how the personalities of the artists come through.  Each booth is an artistic representation of the human standing there.  

How would you set up your booth?  What is being offered there?  My favorite question:  What’s your 10-Point Platform? What do you stand for?  Care about? Fight for?

The  South Node at 15° Libra  sits near-ish the Moon at 5° Libra. Relationships.  Breath in……out.  I have a theory that during Eclipse season your folks with Sun, Moon or Rising Signs in one or more of the implicated signs are going to figure dramatically in your life.  And more broadly, your folks (yourself included) with strong Cardinal energy are going to be making a fuss.  Some serious conversations are going to need to be had.  And things could get heated.  

I have three planets in Aries.  And I had two separate friendships blow-up: one during last year's Solar Eclipse in Libra and one, uh, last night, just as we’re  moving into Monday’s Lunar Eclipse.  Ok, the South Node can remove things from your life. I don’t want to advocate blocking a bitch.  It’s not grown up behavior.  But I’m a triple-Aries so I struggle with being a grown up.  And the boundary felt appropriate in the moment because I felt like I was defending my own honor.  My own worth. 

Well, As a Pisces Rising, my Aries stuff occupies the 2nd House of self-worth and Chiron is not only in the mix but my Natal Chiron is in Aries.  Chiron Returning!!  So all of that Aries-ness is opposing the Libra Full Moon.  Oppositions often implicate other people in our lives.  And an opposition between Aries and Libra definitely does. Some of my big stuff is around self-worth and working for myself and locating the place in myself where I know that I am valuable.  And if I feel like I need to sacrifice that in order to be in relationship with you, bye, gurl, BYE.

The eclipses reveal situations that we may have not been hip to.  Undercurrents that remained un-named.  Drama that had yet to be called out.  Venus is the ruler of this Eclipse and she is in a lovely position in Pisces where she does very well.  Venus is sextile Jupiter so, maybe some good news?  Or, whatever the South Node is getting rid of, it’s probably easier this go ‘round cuz in October, Venus was in Virgo and you may have found yourself over-processing.

Where will the eclipse fall in your chart?  Read the following for your rising sign:

For all signs, let’s keep in mind that this eclipse is pointing to our relationships. What areas of your life are these ships being implicated?

Pisces: The moon will light up your eighth house where we share money, contractual obligations, debt and genital fluids. What’s going on with your money, boo?  Are you dealing with debt?  This eclipse is illuminating big money stuff.  Business Partnerships.  Inheritance Money.  Credit Card Companies.

The good news, all shall be revealed.  The eighth house won’t let anything be buried for long.  You may be in for some energetic exchanges around collective finance.  Just be honest. Don’t hide any truths, whatever you do, be honest.

Aries: Put the boxing gloves away.  Not everything is a win or lose situation. There is a world where you actually learn how to see things from another person’s perspective.  The full moon is in your 7th house.  Walk softly, or there will be blood.

You are feeling very proud of yourself these days.  Try not to be an asshole.

Taurus: Turn your attention to your work relationships: your employees, your boss, your manager, your colleagues.  The full moon is illuminating your 6th house of day to day activity.  Is everybody working to the same end?  It may be time for a staff meeting.  There is a world where your efforts are being undermined.  Not necessarily intentionally, however. This is a great opportunity to get everyone on the same page.

Health and body are implicated as well. Recommit to your own wellness.  Put down the cake and connect with your peeps who love to cook healthy meals because it’s fun, not because you have to.  

Gemini: The Full Moon is in your 5th house. Continue whatever creative story you’ve been tending since the fall.  You have the support of the community that you have gathered around you. There is a ton of activity occurring in Aries in your house of Intellectual Collaboration.  Have you been going to your co-op meetings?  Remember that you are part of a collective.  No woman is an island.  Don’t be afraid to create as a team.

Cancer:  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls in your fourth house.  If you are lucky enough to have your Mommy still with us, give her a call on Monday. What new information is there for you to discover about your family?  The more you understand them, the more you understand yourself. 

You are feeling super driven at work. Sometimes it feels like you have to choose between a fulfilling work life and a grounded homelife. If you’re putting in the long work hours, pull back a little. If there is someone at work getting on your last nerve, avoid them

Leo: 3 The Full Moon  in your 3rd house is encouraging you to get out there and spread the love around in the form of networking your buttcakes out. Spread the good word.  You are charming as hell and everybody needs a little piece. 

Your words are meant to travel far and wide, Leo.  The Sun, Mercury and The North Node are all in Aries in the 9th house.  You are a natural teacher and preacher.  When you speak, the people listen.  So, what soapbox are you standing on?  What do you want us to know?  We’re listening.

Virgo: You beautiful mess, V.  Your full moon is blessing your 2nd house of Values and Stuff.  If you’ve been feeling off, a little retail therapy would probably hit the spot. And after you put away your new gear, remind yourself that you bring a lot to the table.  Do not sell yourself short.

When it comes to communicating with financial partners of any kind, remember your inside voice.  Passions could be running a li’l high. Remember all that you bring to the table and don’t sell yourself short.

Libra:  Happy New You, Libra. A powerful full moon popping into your first house shines a bright light on you! Are you feeling powerful?  Are you redesigning your look?  Maybe re-thinking your identity?  Change of Career? Maybe dealing with a breakup?  Something big is moving through your relationships. The dragon’s head (North Node), along with the Wounded Healer, is moving through your 7th house.  Lot’s of triggers coming up, lovingly delivered by your partner/lover/best friend. 

Depending on how much work you’ve done tending to your wounded inner child, you may be confronting some big conversations.  This eclipse season is offering you plenty of opportunity for growth.  Good luck, darlin.

Scorpio: Dark and Stormy, Scorpio, the Lunar activity is taking place in your deep subconscious and could quite possibly have you feeling…off.  Twelfth house stuff can be very deep.  Nocturnal.  Placed in your subconscious by imperfect people or parents when you were very young.

There is an extra amount of fiery energy in your sixth house of work.  You may be feeling motivated and driven in your daily life. Celebrate your wins at work.  And make sure you’re not running from your inner work. The South Node suggests that you are working on surgically removing some beliefs about yourself that you no longer need.  

Sagittarius:  Fiery and optimistic, Sag, the Full Moon is shining a light on your social circles.  Expect some sort of revelation in your political groups, sewing circles and quilting bees.  Someone or something may challenge your sense of right and wrong.  

The Dragon’s Head aka the North Node is in your 5th house of creativity and risk and romance. So, give yourself time and space to express yourself freely and authentically.  

Capricorn: The eclipse season is stressing out your home vs work axis.  The full moon in Libra is in your 10th house of Career.  Libra is balance and justice.  If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough (money, respect, satisfaction) out of your career, allow yourself to consider a radical change.  

You have a lot going on at home.  Aries Sun, Chiron and North Node suggests that there is plenty of activity to fulfill your need for creative growth and change right under your own roof. Maybe it’s time for a sabbatical or extended vaycay.

Aquarius: You have a great mind, Aquarius, and you could be or do anything that you set your mind to.  You love to study and this is a great time to learn something new.  The Full Moon in Libra is in your 9th house of Higher Learning.   Allow yourself to dive into the subjects that inspire you the most. You can always go deeper into your studies.

With the Aries N. Node and Chiron in the 3rd house, you may be spreading your intellectual capacities too far and wide.  Doing too much.  Maybe instead of three businesses, just launch one.  No need to study all of the romance languages at once. Focus on one.  Do that one thing better than anybody else.

That's All for now. Nappysnatch, out.

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