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Ashley will spend about two hours explaining the unique soul print that is your natal chart.  You will learn what challenges you have been offered to grow from and what gifts you have been given as read in your personal stars.  There is an infinite amount of information available to you in your birth chart.  A session with Ashley will introduce you to your personal symbolism, providing a graceful tool to accompany you on your path to self-understanding.

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Ashley will spend 60 minutes reading 5-10 cards arranged in a spread apporpriate to your question.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions and to take part in an insightful conversation about you!  Allow the cards to reflect the energies that are moving around and through you today!


$115 per hour

Invite Ashley to your next birthday party, bridal shower or holiday celebration.  Ashley will set up an area where your guests can step away from the party and receive a 15 to 20-minute tarot reading.  Everyone loves to be the center of attention.  Give your guests the gift of a skilled reading.  It's more valuable than a gift bag!

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