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ashley in gay paradise, fire island, looking very serious and impressive.


Looking To The Stars

Ashley Brockington, a sensitive Pisces Rising has been grappling with the symbols of Astrology and Tarot for over 20 years.  Spend an hour or two with Ashley and she will show you how to navigate your birth chart like the goddess you are or contemplate the symbols like the High Priestess (her favorite tarot card).  Learn how to plan your life according to the transits.  There is so much to ponder!!   
Ashley brings a high energy level.  Her readings are always fun and extremely encouraging.  There are no bad aspects or scary cards; only opportunities for growth.  
A committed auto-didact, Ashley is passionate about teaching and believes that the best teachers are life-long students.  She believes that studying the symbols of Astrology and meditating on the images of the Tarot is a profound act of remembering. She constantly reminds her students that we already know so much about the mysteries of the planets and the cards simply from being alive.  If you believe that you came to Earth to do something special, welcome to your sun sign.  Do you love to make vision boards to attract your life's dreams?  You are activating your Venus!  Are you a regular meditator?  That’s your High Priestess in action!  In a session with Ashley, you will learn how to invoke specific modalities to bring you closer into alignment with your highest self.  
Ashley’s study of Tarot began in 1996 when she traveled through Mexico in the winters with Tarot books in tow – The Mother Peace Tarot, The Tarot Handbook, The Mystic Tarot, Osho’s Zen Tarot to name a few.  She eventually gained enough fluency to read Tarot cards to support herself on her mystic path.  Connected to symbols, Ashley believes that the Universe leaves messages for us everywhere and all the time if we only open our eyes to read them.  
Born to Brooklynites, Ashley didn't call the county of Kings her home until 2001.  Prior to 2001, Ashley lead a gypsy life, moving to whatever region of the world her performance art or social activism called forth – the Bay Area, Washington D.C., Nevada, Prague, Senegal, Haiti.  She participated in a pilgrimage where she walked with a group of pilgrims down the east coast in prayer for the healing of the violent path of the perpetrators and victims of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.    
Thank you for visiting this page and Ashley looks forward to affirming the unique, perfect and powerful you!!

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