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Dream Big. Be Brave. Take Risks.

The final new moon of the winter occurs on March 10, 2024 at 4:59 AM EST.  Welcome to the Pisces New Moon.

First things first…New Moons, as the name suggests, offer us fresh starts.  We get one (or two) every month and they symbolically offer a glimpse into our futures for the next two weeks to six months.

Each of us has a unique birth chart with one of the twelve signs rising over the eastern horizon called the Rising Sign or ascendant.  When listening to your horoscopes, listen to your Rising Sign First, Your Sun Sign Second. I usually stop there.  But you can also listen to your moon sign. Honestly, I’ve always read and listened to all the signs when  checking into my favorite astrologers, but that’s because I wanted to understand why and how the effect of a planet on our lives changed as it moved from house to house.

Ok, so, overarching themes: Dreams, Imagination, Inner landscapes, Shamanism, Endings. Envision the most expansive version of yourself that you can.

The moon and three other planets are in Pisces currently.  That’s why your dreams have been popping.  Write that shit down. For any interested oneironauts, write that shit down.  The more you write, the more you remember.  And it’s like having your own inner therapist if you know how to decipher your own dream language.

Mercury and Neptune just began their new cycle (conjunct on the 8th).  This could muddy communicative waters but it bodes well for visioning, poetry and all sorts of artistic word play.  Saturn in Pisces tries to make sense of images captured in a fever dream by making them real.  Dust of your vision boards from January and restate your wildest dreams.  If you can dream it, you can have it.

Jupiter in Taurus is supporting your dream work/script-writing/visioning from the sturdy sign of Taurus. Look for gifts from whatever sign Jupiter is floating through in your chart.

Pisces Rising and Sun Signs: Jupiter is blessing your daily life and the folks you talk to on a regular basis.  The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. All of your communications are blessed so now is a good time to reinvent yourself as an online Visionary or Tarot Guru or Astrology Diva.  Share your natural healing capabilities with the world.  If you were thinking of getting certified in a healing modality, do it.

Aries Rising and Sun Signs: The Pisces New Moon is very comfortable in its home domicile, the twelfth house.  Your attention is being pulled inwards, dear Ram.  And Jupiter is in your 2nd house of self-value and money making.  How are you feeling at work?  Are you feeling valued?  Are you being paid your worth?  Now is a great time to check in with yourself.  Are you stuck in any patterns of self-sabotage?  Well, stop it!

Taurus Rising and Sun Signs: You are beginning a cycle that brings your friend groups to the forefront of your life. Who do you hang with?  Who do you fight the power with? Who are the folks you can fart around? For the next six months you may find yourself working with folks that feed a part of you that has been underfed up until now.  See parts of yourself in the people around you. Oh, and you might put on a few pounds.  

Gemini Rising and Sun Signs: Twinsters, this full moon could be causing a little confusion at work. If you find yourself in a situation that you’d like to change, envision what that change would be and take one solid step to make it happen.  Schedule an appointment to talk to the boss.  Research the next best thing.  Jupiter is supporting you from a deeply internal/spiritual/ancestral place.  Believe that there is something helping you get what you want.

Cancer Rising and Sun Signs:  Are you an atheist, a buddhist, a christian, a monk? Do you and your partner share the same or debate your spiritual beliefs?  Do you have spiritual beliefs?  What the heck is a spiritual belief?  You are familiar with your emotions, yes?  Start there.  What makes you giggle your butt off and why?  What brings you joy? Why?  Do more of that with your besties.

Leo Rising and Sun Signs:  Pretty people, you get to imagine who you want to exchange fluids with.  Who do you want to partner with in the biblical sense?  The legal sense?  Who are you willing to collaborate with for real?  Like merging dollars.  Consider who you deeply trust.  Tend to the part of your life that you keep hidden from everyone.  If there is someone at work that you can confide in, share your heart with them. Tend to your debts. Or at least put them in a spreadsheet.

Virgo Rising and Sun Signs:  The new moon is in your 7th house.  Dreamy Pisces making her dream list for her dream lover  Have you done that yet because someone is waiting to connect with you.  We know you’re not always big on belief systems but Jupiter is in your 9th house. So, keep your heart open to travel. Jupiter is drawing something towards you.  Find a groovy text and study it.  Rumi, perhaps.

Libra Rising and Sun Signs:  The part of your chart that has to do with health and daily rituals is getting a reset. Maybe you want to let go of a bad habit?  Jupiter in the 8th can help with that.  How do your daily practices help or hinder your life?  Metamucil every morning?  Great! Couch-potatoing your life away?  Not so great. Take time in the evening to plot out the next day. See if you can work in some voluntary service.  Giving and receiving and all that.

Scorpio Rising and Sun Signs:  It’s a creative time for you Scorpio.  So, allow yourself to take some risks.  Do you have some projects that you’ve left untended for some time?  This new moon wants you to have some fun.  If there are any lovers out there that aren’t full of drama and are just down for some healthy eye gazing, do that shit!

Sagittarius Rising and Sun Signs: New moon in the fourth house of home with some healthy support from Jupiter in the sixth…If you have been neglecting your health dear Sagittarius, challenge yourself to master one new healthy recipe per month for the next six months.  Keto, Vegan, Heart Healthy, whatever.  Just put some good attention on regular healthy habits. Ten thousand steps a day, anyone?

Capricorn Rising and Sun Signs: The entrepreneurs among you will want to freshen up your online offerings.  Amp up your networking skills.  Share your ideas with friends and neighbors.  Jupiter in the house of love affairs, art and kids brings some levity to your tendency to be very serious about getting the job done.  Is there a world where getting the job done is fun? 

Aquarius Rising and Sun Signs: Dear Water Bearers, have we told you how much we love you.  You are kind.  You are smart.  You are worthy.  Apply that beautiful genius brain to your money mindset!  If you could make money doing anything you wanted, what would it be?   Jupiter is supporting you at home.  So, you should be feeling nice and supported if you want to take some creative financial leaps of faith.  

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