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This morning, Saturday, February 24, 2024, at about 7:30 AM EST the moon blossomed to fullness in the sign of Virgo.

Full Moons occur when the moon and the sun are 180° apart from our perspective here on earth.  Said another way, if you were to point to the sun with your right hand and to  the moon with your left, you would be poised to settle into a strong Warrior Two pose, or at least your upper body would. Your arms would be outstretched in opposite directions.  The key word here being opposites.

Why opposites?  Well, at full moons, the sun and the moon are in opposing signs.  In today’s case, Pisces (where the late winter sun dwells) and Virgo, where the full moon dwells.  Specifically at 5°22’. That's five degrees, 22 minutes.  Not timely minutes, but distance minutes.  360° in a circle. Each degree is made up of 60 minutes (of arc).  Remember, astrology is circular, well actually spherical.  

So at 7:30 AM this morning the Sun was located at 5 degrees, 22 minutes of Pisces. The Moon at 5 degrees, 22 minutes of Virgo.  The full moon. In the 29 point something days that the moon takes to go around the earth, the full moon occurs around the 14th day.  At the new moon, the moon and the sun appear to be in the same place in the sky.  The moon and the sun are on the same side of the earth and the moon is invisible to the naked eye (because it’s in the heart of the sun).  That is day 1 of the lunar cycle.  Two weeks later, the luminaries are in opposing positions in the sky.

There’s that word again.  Opposite.  Virgo opposite Pisces.  Both Mutable signs.  Mutable signs are the final signs of the season.  Poised to morph into Spring and Fall, depending on your hemispheric identity. 

We’ve got quite a bit of planetary activity in Pisces at the moment. Mercury (the ruler of this full moon), the Sun, Saturn and Neptune are all in dreamy, non-physical, self-medicating, Netflix-binging Pisces.  Oh, just me?

I’ve found myself to be very sleepy these last few days.  I’m a Pisces Rising, so I feel like all those planets in my first house in Pisces are encouraging me to sleep, perchance to dream.  I’ve been feeling moody and nostalgic.  Yes, I recently watched all six seasons of This is Us this past week which will get one in her feelings, but still.

My stupid dead dad was a Virgo and I found myself googling him this morning, for fuck’s sake.  He was a famous person so there are  always lots of amazing photos on the internets of him when he was in his sexy prime in the 70’s.  Like Beyoncé, he practiced longer and harder than anybody and he was a master of his craft. So, let us all conjure our favorite Virgos today and tear a piece out of their playbook.

What are your dreams? (That’s the Pisces.)  The Virgo in you is organized.  Determined. Fucking psycho. Disciplined. Healthy. Strong.  Fucking focused. Go get your dreams.  Get up early.  Stay late.  Make a spreadsheet.  A list.  Find your accountability peeps.  Get your shit done.

Or take a nap.  That’s fine too.  But maybe take a micro-step towards your dreams.  I promise you’ll feel better if you do. But, if you are super sleepy or can’t bring yourself to do anything other stream/smoke/drink all day…you may need to pay a little attention to whatever house your Virgo full moon is lighting up for you:

Pisces: Don’t hide from your public.  And address any conflict head-on. 

Aries: Yes, you’re bossy but you also often know the best way forward. Don’t forget to take breaks. 

Taurus: You're feeling focused and creative.  Keep going.

Gemini: Focus on you and your beautiful home this weekend.  Maybe stay in.

Cancer: You’ve got some stuff you wanna say?  Say it.

Leo: Revisit your financial strategies.  Saving? Budgeting.  Not a time for risk-taking.

Virgo: All eyes on you, babe.  What parts of yourself need an upgrade?

Libra: Dreamwork, anyone?  This is your month to turn inwards.

Scorpio: Your closest friends are your clearest reflections.  Use them.

Sagittarius: Your hard work is paying off.  Ask for what you want.

Capricorn: Have you ever considered working from abroad? Hmm.

Aquarius: Tend to your contractual obligations, dear.  Don’t stick your head in the mud.

Other stuff about today:  

Venus and Mars are conjunct.  Like, they’re new moon-ing.  The beginning of a new cycle.  In Aquarius, no less.  

These things just happened to me and I feel that they are very Venus/Mars-y: 

A cute black Young man with gold teeth (Mars) called me aunty (Venus), which is Black for Old and I loved it. (Aquarius)

A Jon Legend looking black man told me that he loved my dress (Venus) and that I looked beautiful today. He was with a white woman. There can sometimes be tension between two Black people who pass each other in the street when one of us has a white partner.  That tension is the Mars part.  We didn’t have tension. That was the Aquarian part.

It’s fun to try and find the aspects of the moment in one’s day.  No matter how ridiculous.  Make a game of it. So, Venus and Mars….

Inner and outer

Anima and animus

Masculine and Feminine

The part of me that draws you in and the part of me that pushes you away.

I feel like Mars and Venus working together points to all of the ways that we are a bundle of contradictions. We’re over-sensitive assholes.  We love beauty and violence. We believe we are peaceful and then pay taxes.

Mars and Venus in Aquarius represents our ability to allow all of our parts to be present.  Even the parts that fight against themselves. Aquarius just wants us to be in our complete truth.  But it also wants everyone to have what they need.  Aquarius seeks Justice.  Which brings me to the other very Mars/Venus/Aquarian thing that I’m doing today:  Reading…or starting Until We Reckon:  Violence, Mass Incarceration & a Road to Repair by Danielle Sered.  

This book was recommended to me by a Pisces and I brought it to my book club. It’s for lay people.  It doesn’t use a lot of heavy jargon.  You don’t have to be an expert in Restorative Justice to get into it.  It’s about America’s history of Violence and how our Criminal Justice System in its current state is perpetrating violence.  This book imagines what it would take to change that and introduces us to groups and cities and individuals who are doing the work. It’s actually very hopeful. (Aquarian)

That’s all for now…This post was a little rambly and I’m not gonna check for grammar.  Four planets in Pisces.  You get the gist of this post.  Be well, friends.


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