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Best Winter Solstice Ever!

(photo by ang moffitt snagged from the fb. keep facing sunset for a glimpse of the conjunction!)

OMG OMG OMG!! Get excited people because not only do the days start to get longer on Monday, but two slow-moving planetary heavies come together in a once-every-twenty-year duet. Mr. Serious Saturn and Jovial ole St. Jupiter will be locked in a lover’s embrace in sexy smart Aquarius. And it’s all happening in the exact degree of my very own Sun Sign at 0˚Aquarius. Happy Solar Return to Me!!

So, let’s break it all the way down. Yesterday (the 17th) Saturn left Capricorn and (Re)entered Aquarius. Saturn consolidates all of our great ideas into tangible form. Typically he moves slow and steady but in Aquarius, expect the unexpected. As I’m writing this, my roommate just informed me that due to some legal whatsit’s in the CARES ACT, she has access to her 401 and IRA thingies without suffering any penalties. So, her funds that she’s been contributing to for years (Saturn) have suddenly been made available (Aquarius). Cool. She’s gonna buy a house.

(actual photo by Peter Scharf)

Saturn is mature, dependable and responsible. The sign of Aquarius is concerned with freedom and originality. It represents the need to express our authentic selves free of the conditioning of our society, parents or other authorities. Aquarius energy pulls us into the future and by considering what could be possible. It doesn’t rely on old road maps because where Aquarius is going, no one has gone before. Aquarius takes what is known and conjures what is possible. It’s a fringe vibe. Way ahead of the curve. Aquarian ideas are often scoffed at before the masses can get on board.

Saturn gives us the discipline to make the Aquarian vision of the future a reality. Yay! That is good news because the energy of Aquarius is good for all of us. Aquarius is concerned with justice and social movements that serve everyone. How are the choices that you are going to make going to serve the rest of us. Interconnectedness is as Aquarian AF.

What about Jupiter? Jupiter grows things. Anywhere it lands in our charts benefits from its expansive energy. Jupiter as the natural diplomat to Sagittarius, is concerned with the truth. He is a believer. He is faithful. He knows that in the end We’re Gon’ Be Al-Right! Jupiter spends one year in each sign. In Aquarius, he’s gonna come up with a lot of big ideas. This is a time for all of us to seriously ponder a grander idea for ourselves. One of the silver lining of this pandemic has been that many of us have had to get really creative when it comes to making a living. So many of my peeps have started businesses from home and are making money online. The internet is oh so Aquarian.

What vision do you have for your best life? Saturn and Jupiter working together mean that we have the discipline to make some of our most radical ideas come to pass. Jupiter enters Aquarius tomorrow (the 19th). Whenever a planet enters a new sign, we can expect change. Jupiter and Saturn are coming together, kicking off a beautiful 20 year cycle of serious growth and radical change for all of us.

One of my spiritual teachers just last night suggested that I practice coming up with ten great ideas every day. That’s so Jupiter in Aquarius!!

Jupiter will stay in Aquarius for a year and Saturn for about two and a half years. What are you doing this weekend? Coming up with a grandiose vision for how you want your life to be. Create yourself on your own terms and do one itty bitty thing each day to make it happen. Monday is the Winter Solstice. Get thee to a fire or watch the sunset while praying your future into existence. See yourself in the house of your dreams, the city of your dreams, wrapped up in the lover of your dreams. Vision board with your friends on Zoom. Take a deep breath and ask to be inspired.

I’m feeling good about this, my dearies.

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