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Feeling at home in ourselves

New Moon in Cancer. July 5, 2024. 6:57: PM EST

First, I wanna give a shout out to all the peeps who may be in the throes of changing their residence.  The New Moon is supporting you. Can you feel her?  When you’re on the stairs, with the couch?

But for real, what a perfect metaphor for our next Lunation.  Cancer vibes invoke home and absolute security.  Well, idyllically, perhaps.  We’re in Mama’s belly doing absolutely nothing except existing.  We lack nothing and we are utterly (ha ha…udder-ly) supported. 

Changing one’s address can feel disruptive and ungrounding, and yet, you are building your new home.  It is always good to get comfortable with holding two seemingly opposing ideas inside of you.  That’s the nature of life on Earth and in these bodies.  This idea is supported in a number of ways:

What goes up, must come down.

The more you give, the more you receive.

For every action there is an equal and opposite blah blah something physics.

Every question contains within it the seed of the answer.

The character Yin/Yang (sounds like Yahng…it’s time we all get on board)

Partner Acrobatics

Oxygen vs. Carbon Dioxide

Brooklyn vs. Staten Island.  I’m kidding!! I’m a little over-excited cuz I’m back in BK.

New Moons.  Clean page in the journal.

Locate the Moon in your chart.

The new moon occurs on Friday, July 5th, 2024 at 6:57 PM EST. 

Darlings, if you are reading this offering, you are probably more than just a little interested in astrology.  You, like me, are probably a life-long learner. Soooooooo, do yourself a favor, and step up your birth chart’s availability.  I like astro-charts. I started at Astrodienst.  I also use Astro-seek.  These are websites with a gajillion resources. It’s also good to find the two or three teachers online that really speak to you. Go do that.  I’ll wait.

Got caught in an info-hole, didn’t you?  Been there.  First, find 14° Cancer in your chart.  And do yourself a favor and use whole sign houses.  Your rising sign will take up the entire first house, the sign after that will take up the entire second house and continue around in a counter-clockwise direction.

If CANCER is your rising sign, then this lunation features your First House of your identity. Where are you feeling most at home? Where do you feel most yourself? How is your emotional capacity? Where do you need to set clear boundaries?

LEO Rising, 12th house of endings and unseen influences. You may be feeling deep in your feelings.  Maybe considering the end of a relationship.  What is this bringing up for you? Dig deep.

VIRGO, 11th house of social connections. Connect with those in your community that you can really be yourself with. When you feel good, you can more easily pour care into others.

LIBRA, 10th house of career.  You are a boss, Libra.  Lean into the relationships at work that bring out the compassionate leader in you.

SCORPIO, 9th house of travel and continued education, spiritual beliefs, philosophy of life. This lunation invites you to continue on your path of growth.  What or where are you being called to explore?

SAGITTARIUS, 8th house of legal connections, deep connections, change and power dynamics. How can you deepen your emotional entanglements?  How are you feeling in them? Let your emotions guide you.  You are deeply sensitive.  If an agreement feels off, it’s off.

CAPRICORN, 7th your relationships. Your partnerships are front and center in your life.  Folks feel attracted to you and are interested in what you have to say. Be clear about your desires. Restate your safe word. You may be feeling like the belle of the ball. Bask in it.

AQUARIUS, 6th house of your day to day dealings,  your health, your schedule, your tummy. If you are working remotely, take some time to refresh your daily flow.  Is it working for you?  Are you making time for exercise and healthy eating? Seek out joyous productivity.

PISCES, 5th house of creativity.  Lucky you, watery one. Romance and self-expression are being spotlighted for you.  If you haven’t been feeling personally creative, the tides are turning. Go where your inner child wants to go. Prioritize hanging out with your besties. 

ARIES, 4th house of your emotional past.  Your home.  Your mother.  Women.  Beautify your personal space. Honor the women in your life or anyone who feels like they have nurtured you. Venus is smiling on your family relationships.  Maybe a big talk is upon you.

TAURUS, 3rd house of shootin’ the shit with neighbors, short trips and learning the basics. You are a charmed communicator, so share your thoughts with everyone.  Flit like a butterfly from one interesting conversation to the next. You may have some exquisite exchanges with strangers. Be open and interested in everything!

GEMINI, 2nd house of earning money, feeling valuable, personal resourcefulness. Your money, your job, and your financial habits are where your head needs to be?  Are you feeling financially whole?  How can you recommit to some of your money goals? No need to feel stressed. Gently assess? Venus here helps you feel good about recommitting to your desires.

The Moon is most comfortable in Cancer.  This is good for us.  It means ease.  In addition, Venus, the planet of Love, Art, Beauty, and Blessings is nearby.   At 22°, Venus is eight degrees from the sun and the moon.  Technically, a wide conjunction.  I choose to believe that Venus is gracing the coming season.  Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus which occurs mid-spring (here in the Northern Hemi).  A time that features incredible growth, blossoming, popping, bursting and gushing.  Where are you gushing with pleasure and expectation?  We are not simply moving through Spring, Spring expresses itself through our lives.  It's all about the cycles, baby.

So, I’ll ask again, where are you feeling growth?  Where would you like to feel more growth?  That’s what is going into your new moon prayers.  That’s what you want to journal about tonight.  It’s all very feminine.  The Moon.  Venus. Cancer.  In astrology, the feminine invites us to look inwards. Cancer helps us to protect ourselves.  Venus defines our desire.  Be tender with yourself.  Nurture yourself.  And know that you can get all of your needs met.  It’s a good time to remember the child inside of everyone.  That helps generate compassionate care.  We all just want to feel loved.  And we are.  Life is expressing its love for us with every breath we take.

Also popping today is the opposition between Mercury (in Leo) and Pluto (in Aquarius).  You may find yourself in some very intense conversations. There is a mighty opportunity for some deep change here.  A breakthrough.   An explosive release of some sort.

The Leo/Aquarius dynamic asks us to be deeply in our authenticity while at the same time considering the needs of the community or the whole.  You may find yourself sitting in front of a powerful person in your life or a person who represents power.  A boss.  A parent.  What are those conversations about?  What needs to change?  What has been bubbling beneath the surface? What do you need to say?

Happy New Moon, everyone.  I’m gonna shave my head and settle into my current home. I’ve been moving around a lot these last couple of years.  It’s always nice to settle into a new spot. Cleaning.  Cooking. Cancer. That’s all for now.  Nappysnatch, out.

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