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Stepping up.

Capricorns always win.  I know. It’s too general. Overly obtuse. It’s just a little something that I like to say whenever someone tries to shit all over Capricorn.  What did Capricorn do to you?

I’m also a fan of this reminder:  we all have all of the signs in our bodies, ourselves. Yes, that was a shout out to the iconic text.  And you know what, Capricorn loves being embodied.  That’s code for Capricorns be freaky!

Capricorn is the part of you that sets a goal and doesn’t stop until that goal is realized. It’s the part of you that is disciplined and mature and wise and focused. It’s your inner daddy. Love your inner daddy, darlings. 

And yes, metaphorically, Capricorn is also empire and late stage capitalism and, one percenters and point oh one percenters and Thomas Jefferson and colonialism and taking people’s shit in the name of empire, paternalism, genocide and fascism . We get it, Capitalism, you win…or you think you’ve  won because you’ve been top dog for a long time. 

 I think it’s safe to say that it’s been too much of a good thing and with all of the Capricornian success, most of the world is suffering.  That’s why we’re so happy that Pluto is leaving Capricorn for good this year and entering the glorious Aquarian phase. I wonder what too much Aquarius looks like… A bad AI image, I imagine.  OK, that’s not extreme…Extreme Aquarius is an emotionless society where AI is president and congress and each of us is equally valued in society, literally.  We all make the same amount of money and have the same name.  No, we all have different names, but the same initials.  A.I. “Nice to meet you, Ainsley Ingels. How do you serve the community?”

But/And the Capricorn inside of you is a boss bitch.  Harness her.  And make all your dreams come true. The thing to look out for is high and mightiness.  If you have a lot of Cap in your chart, just calm down.  We all see that you are smart.  Stop showing off.

What’s interesting about the full moon that occurred on Friday, June 21st?  Well it occurred in the first degree of Capricorn which means we’re gonna get another one at 29° on July 21st.  So, let’s allow ourselves to tap into the places in our chart that are getting a Capricorny glow-up.  Expect to step it up a notch.  We’ll be advancing along our individual paths to mastery and stepping into roles that require a little more from us. Where are you coming into the next version of yourself?  Check your rising sign:

Capricorns: You are revealing the part of yourself that is responsible and focused.  This earthy rising sign blesses you with a skill set that is tailor-made for this material world.

Aquarius: You are approaching the end of an era.  You might be feeling like drawing inwards.  Your solitary space is medicinal this month in that you are entering a chrysalis phase. Support yourself with therapy or massage or meditation. Take your inner life seriously.

Pisces: You are being asked to consider your closest communities. Ask yourself, can you take on more responsibility in your circles?  They could use what you have.  Volunteer with a group whose mission you can get behind.  Invest in some professional development and share your gifts.  

Aries: Do you feel that, Aries?  That’s you impressing the shit out of everybody at work.  Your skills are obvious and the folks with the power (and the money) are noticing you.  Make time for play and take care to keep a healthy work/home life balance.  You are feeling very driven, professionally.

Taurus: We know you love your gardens, Bully Bulls, but could there be something worth exploring abroad?  If you are given the opportunity to travel, take it.  Your horizons, they are a-broadening.  Your mind is craving more fodder to wrap itself around.  What philosophies are interesting to you?  Read up on that.

Gemini: These next two full moons are lighting up the part of your chart that is in deep collaboration with others.  How are these relationships getting stronger? If you are the boss of these collaborations, are you in a healthy relationship with your colleagues?  Everybody wants to feel valued.  This is your mantra this month.

Cancer: Happy Birthday, Cancers.  Welcome to your season. You are being called upon to step up your commitment to your partners and to your public.  Folks are looking up to you and consider you a leader.  But make sure to allow your significant other access to your heart.

Leo:  Recommit to the  routines that support your body and your TO DO list.  What are you trying to get done this month and how are you setting up your day so that you move closer to your goals? Capricorn helps you step things up as far as your productivity is concerned.  

Virgo: You are feeling super juicy and creative this month.  Conjure the next great production or great american novel.  Enjoy the extreme heat and get nekkid with a friend. This moon is great for romance and love affairs. 

Libra: This Moon is highlighting your family and home.  If you are given the opportunity to have some real talk with family members, try not to cut it and run.  Moon in Cap can be really protective of the heart.  Challenge yourself to be vulnerable.

Scorpio: Get out there and network.  The Capricorn Moon lights up your communication game.  Reach out.  Take an interest in others and actively share ideas.  Capricorn is very top down.  Try not to dominate.

Sagittarius: High-Yield savings accounts.  401(K)s. Investment.  You are stepping up your money game and practicing some grown folks’ habits.  Good job.  You are more and more confident in your ability to manage your resources responsibly.

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