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Astro Tips for May 2-May8

There is a new moon this week so we can all take a deep breath in and reset. Go ahead. Just close your eyes and try to imagine what it would feel like to move at the speed of nature. It’s Taurus season so let’s get practical. Taurus gives us the focus to get (or get back) on track. There is a powerful energy of change and revitalization sitting near the new moon coming from Uranus so it’s a great moment to recommit to that budget or to update that resume.

Aries: Get focused on work. It is a great time to build the business, grow the business or start the business. Anything work-related is supported right now. Think outside the box, Aries. Do you have a great product idea? Pitch it, sell it! You know your value right now! Show the world what you got!

Taurus: This new moon just might have you re-inventing yourself. We know you are not a huge fan of change, Taurus. But you just might find yourself blinded by a flash of insight that you didn’t see coming. It’s time for some changes, girlfriend. Don’t be afraid to show us a side of yourself that has never seen the light.

Gemini: It’s time to do the work of doing a deep spring-cleaning of your spiritual closet. We all have critical voices that deplete our self-worth and fill us with doubt. You’ve been carrying yours long enough. It’s time to re-record the tapes. Can you look yourself in the eye and say “I love you?” Start there.

Cancer: The peace is in your posse, Cancer. The new moon is in your social 11th house, so get out of the house, crab, and see what opportunities await you in your very own friend circles. I’m talking about structure-building opportunities. Is there something you want to build with or in your community. Look around for like-minded thinkers and get creative!

Leo: Something new and exciting is coming your way at work, Leo. Your career is highlighted this new moon giving you a lot of energy to move projects forward and to strengthen the foundations of all of your enterprises. You are dependable right now and may have a lot of folks depending on you. You’re capable, Leo. You have everything you need for success.

Virgo: Distracted, Virgo? That’s because the new moon is in your truth-seeking ninth house. Mundane issues do not intrigue. You want to know why, how and especially where it is all going, this thing called life. Work on improving yourself. What is your personal philosophy. Don’t have one? Start seeking, seeker.

Libra: This new moon is moving through the eighth house of transformation. Social Libra, we know you like to keep your dance card full, but this is a good time to unplug just a little from everything out there and focus your attention on your primary relationships. It’s a great time for deepening one-on-one connections.

Scorpio: It’s all about you and your main squeeze this month, Scorpio. If you have a primary partner, spend quality time watering and tending the garden. Tis the season for deepening and strengthening bonds. Single? Same goes true for besties and bosses. Show the people you are closest to how much they mean to you.

Sagittarius: You have a ton of creative energy to pour into the job and all of the daily duties that you are responsible for. This moon is grounded and coursing through your 6th house of health and day-to-day life. So, restart that healthy eating regime. Clean up your desk at work and get ready for a super productive May!

Capricorn: This new moon is juicy and creative for you. Your idea brain is on fire and you must bless the world with your art, your ideas and your creativity in general. Can you feel how fun this month is going to be? Flirt, Cappy. There might be romance around the corner. You can feel it in your bones. Got sparks? Go there!

Aquarius: Home is where the moon is for you, Aquarius. Taurus energy is comforting and stable so domestically, outlook seems good. The moon is in your homey house so it’s a great time to seek refuge in your own space. Get cozy and invite a friend over only after you have done some good loving up on the self.

Pisces: Ohhhh, let’s get social, Fish Friend! New moon swoops through your social 3rd house suggesting you don’t have to venture far from home to reap the benefits of this productive new moon. Your mental energy is on fire, you slurp up new ideas and can’t wait to share yours with interested neighbors, friends and associates.

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