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Who feels the Pluto Stationing Rx?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Serious Pluto stations retrograde this week giving us a supportive environment to reflect on the area in our chart where Capricorn lives.  What is changing in this area? What do you want to change? Are you resisting the transformation or are you going with it, accepting the lessons?  Where are you feeling heavy? Do have any idea what this heaviness is there to reveal? What happens if you let yourself feel? Deeply feel. Do you cry?  Rage? Feel better now? What do you need to let go of? What is being taken away from you? What happens if you just let it go?

The following represent some reflections for your rising signs. I write a column for the New Amsterdam (the country's oldest black newspaper). These are taken directly from that.

Aries:  The area of your life that is up for review is your career.  You are ready to step into a place of more responsibility. You are questioning whether you are even in the right career.  If you are not, you will know. Ouch. Time to put your Daddy panties on.

Taurus:  You may be experiencing a crisis of faith.  You may be rehauling your inner belief systems completely.  Either way, try not to project what you believe onto others in a way that compromises everyone’s right to choose what to believe in.

Gemini:  You are experiencing profound life changes, maybe a loss of someone very close to you.  A chapter of your life is ending and a new one is being born. Pay attention to shared finance.  Eyes open for potential power struggle. Sexually, Rawr!

Cancer:  Your transformation will be found in the world of your relationships.  Your one-on-one partnerships. The changes could manifest as profound deepenings or painful endings.  All relationships need your absolute attention right now.

Leo:  Are you paying attention to your willingness to serve others, Leo?  Yes, we know that your mere presence blesses all of those around you.  Go deeper. This transit is asking you to look away from yourself and to look instead towards the needs of others.

Virgo:  Pay attention to the children in your life.  If they are your own, a little family therapy may be in order.  Or at least you can commit to regular family meals where real talk is the order of the day.  If in a love affair, go slow because there is a danger of losing oneself to the other.

Libra:  You are in for a deep review of your emotional inheritance.  You’ll have lots of feelings around home and probably mommy stuff is coming up.  Wonderful lessons are upon you Libra. You will understand yourself better in relationship to where you came from.  Know Thyself, Libra!

Scorpio:  The ritual of your daily life take on a renewed importance.  You will be very sensitive to your time getting wasted. What or whom do you dedicate your daily energy to?  What in your day makes you feel purposeful and lifted. What drains you? Be cognizant of negative self-talk.  Be gentle.

Sagittarius:  How are you changing the ways in which you value yourself?  This transformation can be materially stressful. As in the way you feel about you is going to be reflected in how you handle your actual things: your business and your money.  So pay attention to the story your financials are telling you.

Capricorn: Let go of the ideas of yourself that are actually coming from outside of you.  Let go of the inner tapes that deplete you. It is time to redesign your image and to step into your power.  Careful not to intimidate or manipulate others. Be a strong leader. Lead!

Aquarius:  This can either feel like a liberating shamanistic journey into yourself and your deepest drives.  Or you may feel like your face is melting off in a scary acid trip. You choose!! Point is, the secret you is up for review.  Time to air out any stale stuff that is holding you back from your best self.

Pisces:  So, there are people disappearing from your life and this is making you feel lonely.  What if I told you that this is simply a metaphor for your changing ideals. Look for a mentor.  This is a great time to draw someone powerful into your life.#stars #astrology #fortune

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