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What do you believe?

You know when you're spinning out and your ego is telling you how wrong you are and the voices that are fueled by fear seem to be winning....what do you do to right the ship in those moments? If you could freeze the frame in that moment and give the TED TALK to an audience leaning into your every word, what would you say? How would you explain it? What do you believe?

Hello Full Moon in Sagittarius at 23°. What rules are you living your life by? There are rules for everything. Driving a car. Going to College. Playing Jenga. You would think that one would want to consider the directions for living a purposeful human existence. What are the directions? Who wrote them? There are so many conflicting instruction manuels. Which one do I choose?

Well, I imagine if you are like many (most?) humans, your family told you what you believe. You're a Morman, a Jew, a Catholic, an Athiest. These are rulebooks people have enjoyed for millinia. That's why they live in the 9th house, natural home to Sagittarius. Sag holds all of the different ways that the human family has attempted to codify the rules of life.

So, many of of us are recovering [enter an organized religious adherent]s. Forced to endure whatever belief system your parents forced you to endure. And maybe it's working for you. Maybe you've got questions. In my opionion, no organized system of belief is worth its salt if it doesn't leave room for questions.

So, you're spinning out, and have no idea what is going on in your life. What. Do. You. Do? What is your ultimate truth? What do you know to be so? What do you choose to put your faith in? These are questions that the Sagittarius full moon invites us to contmplate.

What planets are the moon communicating directly with? What are the lunar relationships between planets as of yestereve? The moon is/was trine Mars and Chiron, sextile Saturn, square Neptune. Mars and Chiron conjunct suggests there is work afoot on some childhood stuff.

What beliefs about yourself are getting triggered and what is the work that needs to be done to get your healing on? Personally, my Chiron and Mars are conjunct natally in the first house. I am dealing with fiery skin in the form of a full body rash. My mother (moon also in the mix) was the first one to point out that the skin on my face is breaking out. Thanks mom. My first house Chiron issue is never feeling beautiful in my dark skin in the suburbs. I'm old enough to know that we're all beautiful. And as far as my rash is concerned, it's all about the cooling effect of aloe vera. So what cools you when you are feeling fired up?

The moon sextile the retrograde Saturn is helping us to deal gracefully with whatever Saturn has slowed down in our lives. Saturn in Aquarius has wants us to think about about our cooperative alliances. Who are we working with and why has the project suddenly stalled? What can you learn from this? What beliefs help you to make it through? A friend of mine, the brilliant artist Gregory Corbino, suffered a disappointing delay on an outside project that he had prepared for for months. The weather was the culprit. Air. Saturn in an air sign. Our texts that day were all about the power of Mind and Choice. "When I wish it was different, my heart breaks and the tears come. When I accept what has happened, I do not suffer. I feel peace." Yes, Gregory. He was able to be comforted by his beliefs.

The Neptune square the moon cautions us to not let our thinking get too muddied. Be carefule with the tendency to want to drown out your sorrows with wine and weed. Allow yourself to enjoy your creative outlets. Be diligent when it comes to hiding the truth from yourself. Where do you want to stick your head in the sand? Instead, consider some creative problem solving.

So, that's what I got on this day after the fact, people. Find 23 degrees of Sagittarius in your chart and consider what your beliefs as far as that house is concerned. What is expanding in this area? Where do you feel lucky? Grateful? In grace? Let's take a stroll through the zodiac to see where the full moon is landing in your chart.

Sagittarius: In the first house, you are expanding your own idea of yourself. You are a more than what meets the eye. You are an expression of divine rightness. Here for a reason, if only for a season. What do you want to be when you grow up? How is your understanding of who are changing? Pour energy into your passion projects. If you were discouraged from creative endeavors in your youth, now is your time to shine, and to heal yourself in the process.

Capricorn: Twelfth house full moon wants you to dig deep, Mr. Goat. We know how important success and achievement is to you. This is a good time to make sure that your beliefs line up with your idea of success. The phrase "Prosperity Consciousness" comes to mind. Do you know that success starts in the fertile recesses of your subconcious? How are you tending this garden? You may be clearing some old wounds from your family story so lean into your self-soothing practices.

Aquarius: Full moon in the eleventh house focuses attention on your closest social circles. Your activism and your commitment to making this world a better one for all of us. How are your gifts put to the best use? What is your intuition telling you? Who are you aligning yourself with? Check your friend group. You are who you hang out with. Someone close to home may provide you with some answers.

Pisces: Tenth house full moon is illuminating your career and relationship to the public. What did you set out to learn two weeks ago when the moon was new in Gemini? Are there professional opportunies available to you beyond the borders of your home country? Check those out!! Take powerful action to remind yourself that you know who you are. Take some positive action regarding personal finance. Recommit to your gratitude practice.

Aries: The full moon is in its happy place in the 9th house. International travel could provide some interesting life opportunites over the next two weeks. You may feel drawn to spiritual practices from far away places. Mars and Chiron in the first house could have reconsidering what you see in the mirror. Repeat after me: I love who I am becoming.

Taurus: This full moon falls in the 8th house of sensuality and shared funds. Here you have an opportunity to reveal your truest self to your partners. To give them the keys to the proverbial safe where you keep all of your secrets. We know that can seem scary but give it a try. More profound intimacies are yours for the taking. Pay attention to shared finances. Take the time to tend to your internal life through therapy or meditation.

Gemini: The seventh house of one-on-one relationships is being lit up by this month's full moon. The people around you right now are stellar and they make you feel good about you. Maybe you have found the spiritual community that really works for you. You feel like you can really change world through the power of love and kindness. Don't have a spiritual community? Maybe it's time to look for one. Sangha Tour!!!

Cancer: Cancer, your gifts can be found in the rituals that you tend to day to day. Check out some of the productivity hacks on Tik Tok. Take account of what you are doing with your time. Are you drinking enough water? Preparing yourself healthy meals? Support your body so that you can tend to your career. Strong body, sound mind. Look for areas where you can step up at workl

Leo: You are a creative soul, Leo and this month's full moon is lighting up your 5th house of passion. Pour energy into whatever makes you feel like a geek geeking out. Film, Astrology, Quilts. Whatever your creative kink, support it. Research other creators around the world who have the same interests as you. Better yet, go see them!

Virgo: Your home life is feeling the light of the moon this month, Virgo. Sagittarius in the fourth house suggests that you might be considering a move. You may be craving more space or feel the need to be surrounded by a culture that is different than the one you were raised in. Mars/Chiron in your 8th could have you investigating some old familial wounds. You may be the key to healing some generational trauma.

Libra: Get out and be merry, Libra. You cute and you know it. Light-heartedness is all around you in the form of friends, feel-goods and frolic. No need to venture too far from home. Your neighborhood is fertile for your growth this month. Important conversations are too be had, especially with your one-on-ones. Communication with your bestie could get heated. Stay cool. You're clearing out some old stuff.

Scorpio: Turn some attention to your personal finance and your capacity to earn. There is some growth occuring in this area of your life. Sign up for your favorite financial guru's newsletter and take their good advice to heart. You are turning into your personal power in tangible ways. Mars/Chiron in your 6th house may be stirring up some anger issues in your gut. So, cut back on the coffee and lean into cooling teas and foods to support your belly.

That's what I got. Nappysnatch, out!!

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