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Wanderings of the Well

Weekly Astro Notes for the week of October 17 - October 23

The skies are full of water this week which could make any deeply focused work a wee bit hard to grasp. It’s like reading underwater. It’s like trying to read while your dreaming! Those letters just never stop dancing! This week, let your mind wander because personal inspiration is collaborating with divine inspiration. Allow yourself to not know. Simply, feel. You feel me? Read on!

Aries: Pull yourself out of the spotlight Aries. Yes, the full moon was all you. Now it’s time to pull focus inwards. Ponder your deepest connections with others. Somewhere you are being profoundly served by the people you speak with one-on-one. Someone may be helping you to understand some of your own deepest drives.

Taurus: You usually like to keep close to home you loveable homebody. This moment is about making connections. Venture outwards and be inspired by the incredible creatives that are your friends. There is probably a special interesting person that is drawing your attention. Let yourself be delighted by another.

Gemini: It’s all about the workplace for your twins. The daily grind and the scope of the career. Let yourself be inspired. You’ve got good ideas. And plenty of resourceful earthy energy to back those ideas up. As soon as you generate a good idea, you’re on to the next. Keep brainstorming until something clicks.

Cancer: Feel your way into a flirty seduction with a sexy stranger. Allow yourself to fantasize about traveling. Allow your daydreams to take you far away. The name of the game is expansion through creation. Creation starts in the mind and expansion can take you anywhere that you can imagine. If someone invites you on a trip, go!

Leo: Turn towards your besties, your boos, your boss, your friends. All your on-to-ones. Beautiful opportunities await you in the conversations that you are having. We know that you can be stubborn. Use the watery vibes of this week to allow movement in places where you may be stuck on a story. Deep healing of intimate relationships await.

Virgo: Enjoy emotional connections in your communities. If you’re lucky enough to have a life full of folk who love you, luxuriate in the blessing of this. Ponder what it means to behold the divine behind the eyes of another. Enjoy your book clubs, knitting circles, and church groups. Love the people you love as yourself.

Libra: Get lost in your own flesh. The body is your doorway into your own inner mysteries. Hydrate and stretch. Take a yin (rejuvenating) yoga class. Float. Listen to the wisdom of the body. What lessons is she here to give? Honor your flesh by giving what it needs. Healthy fats, water, and love. Movement, if you are able...In your meditations, conjure the eternal spiral of our cosmic DNA.

Scorpio: People are especially drawn to you now. Energetically you are like a warm bath, for the public. Or a hot spring. Warm watery goodness. Neptune in your creation station has you birthing all kinds of cosmic wonderment. And Venus in your first house of self just pops your personality to all sorts of divine levels. Go easy on ‘em.

Sagittarius: Let yourself weep. You are grieving an old self. Part of you is melting away. It’s a little unsettling even though what you are releasing was keeping you small. It was a comfortable lie. You are waking up to the truth of yourself. We spend a lifetime feeling a certain way. Suddenly we realize that we can just let go of old stories. It’s time to put the self-defeating hammer down.

Capricorn: Stay open to divinely inspired ideas. Allow yourself to be inspired by abstract art. It speaks directly to the right brain. Your social scenes are feeling good. Keep creating deep emotional connections with your peeps. Friends that pray together, stay together. Prayer could be meditation, singing, yoga, taking walks together.

Aquarius: You may be feeling like things are being taken from you. Maybe you have suffered a recent loss of a home or something that you value. Simultaneously, there is something being offered to career-wise. There may be a powerful woman in your midst that wants you to succeed. Stay alert to feminine power, within and around you.

Pisces: Neptune has been hovering around your head for some time now, Pisces. Just go with it. Divine energies want to express through you. Let them. And guess what, everybody wants to know about it. So, get the word out. Let that friend with a podcast have you on. Tell us all about what it is you are feeling. We want to be inspired too!

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