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To Know Perchance to Really Know

Why do we make such a big deal about the Eclipses? Because from our perspective here on earth, the Moon, Earth, and Sun are perfectly lined up with the Moon’s Nodes, the place in the sky where the Moon’s orbit intersects with the Earth’s orbit. Two opposing points in space that act as Magical Doorways where experience enters and exits our embodied experience.

The North Node is a portal where new experiences find us. Where are we going? The South Node is a portal where we release experiences we are done with. What are we letting go? Presently, we are in the Gemini/Sagittarius Nodal cycle. The North Node is in Gemini. The South Node is in Sagittarius. The Nodes are always in opposing signs. But we could also think of them as complementary. They work together and have a lot in common, in this case, Knowledge.

Eclipses give us the opportunity to integrate the two sides of the polarity. Gemini acquires knowledge through collecting facts and talking about what it knows. It collects information on a superficial level. Sagittarius is more concerned with the deeper truths. It has a faith that doesn’t require proof. A profound belief. The South Node invites us to check in with the philosophies that are guiding our lives. Where did we pick up our beliefs and how do they serve us? What are we reading? Studying? And at what point do we stop collecting information and allow what we know with our minds to become available in our bodies, in our actions and influence the decisions that we make?

The Full Moon in Sag is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter just entered Pisces, a sign that it rules and is very comfortable in. And Jupiter is squaring both nodes from the early degrees of Pisces. So, the points that we want to pay attention to in our charts are 4 degrees Sagittarius, the position of the moon, 4 Degrees Gemini, the placement of the Sun, and one degree Pisces, the position of Jupiter. Full Moons are moments of culmination and flowering. In the area of your chart where the moon is blooming, you are experiencing an evolution of what you believe to be true. Your beliefs are evolving. And Jupiter assures us that this moment is kind of a big deal for us.

The Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle began last spring in early June. So, consider what was going on for you last June and consider this time a continuation of that.

Keep reading to find out where these energies are moving in your chart.

With Aries on your Ascendant, the full moon falls in your Ninth house. Jupiter squares it from the 12th. You are becoming good friends with your shadow. You are finding ways to forgive yourself for emotional mishaps and behaviors that stem from unchallenged beliefs and tired old mental tapes. The eclipse lights up your 9th house of expansion and travel and study, so stay open to inspiration from afar. Free yourself from the confines of limited thinking. Jupiter in Pisces says you don’t have to make any definitive decisions just yet. Be open to inspired ideas that occur to you while soaking in the bath.

Taurus Rising. This full moon drops into your 8th house of intimate connection. Something invisible is being made visible. Possibly, some truth is revealed. The 8th house is where we share fluids and finances with those that are closest to us. It may be a good time to review any contracts that you have. Your intimate connections are fired up this week. In the eighth house, there could be some drama. The 8th is an emotionally explosive area. Jupiter in the 11th says maybe it would be more productive to hang with your crew instead of your bae. Be inspired by the optimism of your collective and release any tumultuous interactions with a fussy boo. Ain’t no one got time for that.

Gemini Rising. 7th. Relationships are thriving. You are super attracted to anyone that you can chew the fat with. You just might meet someone who will have something significant to offer your future self. Is so & so flirting with you? Are you flirting with so and so? Probably. It might be possible to have one too many boos. Try not to spread yourself out too thin. You could be redefining what you consider to be appropriate conduct in your relationships. Meanwhile, Jupiter is blessing your career, especially if you are in a creative business. You may experience some unexpected support from a mentor or a boss. Be open to blessings that come through your one-on-ones, not excluding gifts or promotions.

Cancer, you get to turn your mothering instinct towards yourself. In the 6th house, this full moon is focused on your health. Are you in need of a cleanse? How are your daily rituals serving the larger machine? It could be a good time to release sugar or caffeine or tobacco. With Jupiter in the Ninth House, try not to slip into your food guru persona. It may give you a tendency to overthink whatever weird diet you’re trying.

Leo, 5th. Jupiter 8th. Leo, this is a super creative full moon for you. There is room for some romance and with Jupiter in the sexy eighth house, it’s bound to be super-hot. Careful. You know the waters in the eight house can be tumultuous so be prepared for a little tug of war. You may discover that there are some behaviors that can simply not be tolerated. You’ve got swagger right now, Leo, and you’re feeling good about opportunities on the work front. This full moon makes you feel good about work. Your self-esteem benefits from Jupiter square but make sure to keep your ego in check because Jupiter expands everything it touches. Leos got pride in spades. Be humble.

Virgo, 4th, Jupiter 7th. This eclipse is a spotlighting home and the family for you, Virgo. How are your relationships with the family? Jupiter is giving you added blessings due to his location in your 7th house. One-on-one talks with specific family members could have you finally putting to rest some old family dynamics that have put speed bumps in the middle of the road as you move steadily into self-mastery and world domination. Virgo seeks perfection, and this full moon, you might be surprised at the shifts that you experience with your primary partnerships.

Libra, 3rd. Jupiter 6th. You are on your communication game, this full moon, Libra. Your words are beautiful, smooth and well received. Your writing is so impressive right now that someone at work may be offering you an unforeseen possibility. Grab any opportunity that comes your way. Especially if it showcases your way with words. Now that we are all socializing a little bit more, you are going to want to get out there and to remember what it means to network. Or maybe just think about it as sharing yourself with people. Your social circle is rich right now. Be prepared for an old friend or flame to show up unexpectedly. Eclipses like to bring us surprises.

Scorpio, the full moon is lighting up your 2nd house. What is culminating or flowering on the job? You are feeling confident in your own ability to take care of your damn self. Your self-worth is popping and there is plenty of fun to do before the work gets done. A new gig pops out of nowhere . You are kind of magnetic right now. Looking for a new lover? Jupiter in the 5th says, “Thank you, ma’am, may I have another?” It’s a good time to reassess your streams of income. Are you being paid what you are worth? Jupiter in the 5th enjoys a risk. Go out on a limb and ask for a raise. Work with a business coach to make sure that you are honoring your own value.

Sagittarius, what about your identity is changing? With the full moon in your first house, your personality, your look and your gender expression may all be up for review. You are feeling big and bold, Sagittarius. New sides of yourself are being born. Jupiter in the fourth house, could offer some solutions to working with your family dynamics. In turn, you may feel some profound shifts in your relationships. The healing that happens within the four walls of home have a positive impact on how you show up to your most intimate one-on-ones.

You are committed to your internal work, Capricorn and this full moon has you coming to the end of a long chapter of self-discovery that probably started about a year ago. Just like the rest of the world (or at least NYC) you may feel coaxed out of an isolated place and ready to socialize. Expect the unexpected as you make the rounds this mid-week. A new friend or an old friend may suddenly appear on the scene. This is a good time to check in on siblings. Jupiter is blessing your close family ties. You don’t have to wander too far away from the neighborhood to experience some of Jupiter’s greatest blessings.

Aquarius, your social groups are being highlighted. Full moon in the 11th is very forward-thinking and optimistic. You might feel drawn to reconnecting to the political groups that you found yourself working with last summer. We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary to all of the unrest in the streets last year. Are you feeling fired to reconnect with your like-minded comrades? You have the energy and the confidence to commit to some good activism this month. You are an asset to your community and you can help others to tap into their own worthiness. You are an excellent example of a good citizen, Aquarius. You can feel good about the way that you inspire others.

Pisces, the lunar eclipse is lighting up your tenth house of career, so expect surprises or new opportunities at work. Jupiter is crossing over your ascendant blessing everything that you put out into the world so, take some risks and let yourself be seen. How has your professional life grown in the past year? What new projects did you set into motion last June and what progress have you made? Your efforts are being rewarded now and giving you the boost that you will need to tend to any family stuff that is surfacing. What do you know to be true about your family? Or what new information may be bubbling to the surface? New chapters are unfolding on the home front. Look for opportunities to reveal yourself more honestly to your family and be surprised by how family dynamics continue to mature and to heal.

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