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The Origins of Home.



Oh my goodness, are we really only a few hours from the full moon? OK, Google, thank you for reminding me of what the whole world is thinking about. The new James Webb telescope brings together a stellium of nations, cooperating so that we can see the edges of the universe and the beginning of celestial time.

The full moon in Capricorn is six degrees away from Pluto. A wide conjunction but I’m thinking deep space, like deep earth is the kind of environment that would naturally be given to Pluto. Vast. Dark. Unexplored. Mysterious.

The moon can lose its mystery in Capricorn, in that the nature of the watery luminary is so different from the material discipline and rigor of Capricorn. How poetic to think that at this full moon, the discipline of a thousand scientists has given us a glimpse of the beginning of our world. Cosmic.

Speaking of beginnings, remember the beginning of the year when the New Moon was in Capricorn. Let’s go there with our minds. 23° Capricorn was the place. Pluto was also nearby and the theme of my post was Level Up. Capricorn wants you to do big things. And your goals are SMART. Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time-Based. How much closer are you to your goals? Even micro-movement is movement. Don’t judge the distance. Just stay focused.

The Moon is in conversation with Uranus by Trine. Uranus in Taurus continues to revolutionize the resources on Earth. Is Bitcoin still a thing? Uranus continues to suggest the virtualization of money on earth. NFT, Bitcoin and Doza, Oh MY! Personally, I am going to be open to receiving unexpected financial blessings. Or maybe someone is dying to give me a piece of land. We are prosperous.

Now that I think of it, Uranus and the James Bell Telescope are definitely in conversation. Uranus shows us new ways of thinking. The new super telescope shows us parts of space that have never been seen. Very revolutionary. But also, we’re looking into the past when considering how many light years the images have to travel before hitting our eye holes. Huh? Uranus, future. Moon, family, history, birth mother, ancestors, past, deep past. The Celestial Record. OK, found it.

The Sun and Mercury are doing their renewal thing. Let’s look back at the last time these two extraverts were conjunct in Cancer….July 1st, 2020. Well in Brooklyn, my home at the time, we were making a lot of noise in support of Black Lives. Wait, wasn’t everyone doing that? Let’s go back further. July 21, 2019…I was vacationing on my beloved Fire Island. Reminding myself that I can still go on vacation even though I was newly single. What were you doing?

Are the women in your life being cared for? Are you caring for yourself? Who needs to speak up for the women in your home? Your office? Your classroom? It all comes down to: are you doing your work? Are you progressing down the road of emotional maturity? When we are emotionally mature, we don’t harm others. We don’t rape others. We don’t dismiss others. We don’t dismiss ourselves.

Ok, I’m hungry. NappySnatch Out.

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