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Taurus Season!!

Yes, we’re gonna keep talking about Taurus. It’s Taurus season! Not only is the sun in the sign that moves in the speed of nature, but the radical change-maker, Uranus, is in Taurus as well, renegotiating our financial realities. Venus enters Taurus on Thursday and Mercury is already there, calming everyone the heck down. Read on for some personal perspective!

Aries: Uranus is in your second house of money. Of work. Of your body. Of your things. Of your money. Mercury, the prince of communication, joins him there. Mercury wants to discuss money matters. Perhaps you are crafting a new business plan. Venus is right on Mercury’s heels, in her favorite sign. Aries, you might feel like spoiling yourself a little this week. Keep an eye out for unexpected pleasures. Win a massage in a raffle or get bumped up to first class. This energy supports the entrepreneur because innovative and radical ideas are yours.

Taurus: You have honed your message down to a digestible sound-bite. You are ready to be heard. You are the queen of the playground this week, Taurus. Venus makes you look good. Mercury makes you sound good. Uranus makes you unpredictable yet brilliant. Go, get it Taurus.

Gemini: The focus is being pulled dramatically inward for the next two weeks, Gemini. You calmly and serenely do a shameless self-inventory. Where are you at and what do you need? If you are unsure of what that is, start with the body. Your mind-body connection is fertile ground for renewal and reconnection. Check a restorative yoga-class.

Cancer: The energy of growth is all around us in middle spring. For you, Cancer, the fertility and growth can be felt moving within and through your social circle. Are you participating in any sort of collective finance? Perhaps socially responsible investments? Check that out, Cancer. Go forth, and prosper.

Leo: Your are growing into your career in a profound way. Expect important things to occur at work or wherever you conduct your career over the next two weeks. Deep roots begin to hold you firmly in the seats of power. Wherever you face the public, this bond is strong. You have the makings of a powerful leader. You get the picture! You are shining at work!

Virgo: It’s a great time to fall in love at first sight with someone not of your country. What are you writing? Your corresponding planet, Mercury, is in steady Taurus. Keep open to blasts of electric insight (that’s Uranus). A new direction for a novel or an amazing idea for a manuscript. Words words words. Inspiring, truth-seeking, philosophical words.

Libra: Oh, you’re going deep. At least your thoughts are. Your mind is. Over the next two weeks you will only be interested in what lies beneath the surface of what is said. You barely hear the words for the deeper meaning. You have X-Ray vision. Trust what you feel.

Scorpio: Don’t let anyone touch you (that you don’t really want to be touched by) for the next two weeks. Human individuals are going to give you the actual feels in your body. Feel your stomach tighten? Walk away from that individual. Thai massage, hot stones. Be as loving as you can to your body.

Sagittarius: Physical labor will give you a strong feeling of empowerment. What makes you feel strong? What do you do well at work? You have strong ideas that strengthen the body of workplace. Nourish your own body. Pay attention to what makes your feel strong. Eat well.

Capricorn: You’re always resourceful, and for the next week you have an over-economy of energy to get your things moving, especially your creative projects. Expect to be inspired this fortnight. Big ideas and the means by which to express them are yours.

Aquarius: Your home life is enriched, gorgeous and welcoming. Full of food to share, your old family stuff is coming through. What is showing itself through the body of your family? Your ancestors, grandmothers and such. Pay attention to the body of your family and the place where you tend to your own body, your home.

Pisces: Get out into the neighborhood! So many good things await you right outside your door. Close to home is where you are feeling most fertile over the next two weeks, Pisces. Your neighbors want to know you. Tangible gifts come through new relationships, siblings, cousins and aunts.

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