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Notes on A Solar Return: It (was) MY BIRTHDAY!!

So,Tuesday, Janury 20th started out on a high high high note. Before 8am, I had three different interactions with the outside world where I stood in my truth. I call it my Spirit Study. I had a prayer call with a group of friends from my church, (Yes, I Go to Church. Spirit is Hella important to me) where I affirm "The eternal love in my heart moves me joyously through the day." Then I listended to the Momentum prayer call, an affirmation of our connection to source sponsored by, again, my church, aka, my happy place. And then I had my daily call with a good friend of mine (guess where I know her from) and we read the day's lesson from A Course in Miracles. Day 20: I am determined to see.

Ok, all that was before 9:00 AM. Then, three of my bestest friends not only called me but called bearing gifts, and not the birthday kind either, just the Ash-you-are-oh-so-dope-I-think-you-should-have-this-offering kind. Then, not one, but two (potential lovers) hit me up saying Hey Girl Hey! All that, and I managed to get a professional goal met that makes me feel awesome. Of course, I had to peek at the days chart just to see what I knew was the case. It was the day before my birthday, January 20, 2021, my Solar Return!!! I was born when the sun was in 0 degrees, 40 minutes of Aquarius. When I cast today's chart the sun was at 0 degrees and 47 seconds. The sun has returned to the place in the sky (from our perspective on a moving earth) where it was when I was born. My natal Sun is getting kissed by the Sun. Fire!!

Cool Cool Cool, ok, Cool. But what about that Mars conjunct Uranus though? That feels troublesome. Mars is that inner get shit done planet. That Do it-Fight it-Fuck it kind of energy. Uranus is the revolutionary change maker that zigs with spontaneous insight and zags with life changing invention. And also, the internet. I've been obsessed with the idea that so many of us need and use the internet to earn a living. Mars and Uranus are conjunct in grounded, earthy and third dimensional Taurus. That slows this down a bit. So, we have all of this inspired energy that is focused on the earth, and towards growth. You've been preparing for this next chapter and so have I. Developing methods to support your madness. There is time to figure out out of the details. Just do a little bit every day.

Maybe Mars and Uranus working together in the Earth Mother's Favorite Sign (Taurus) can give her a voice. Ok, she loves all of her children equally, but she gets along with her Taurus babies in a very special Did That Tulip Just Speak? kinda way. Didn't the new administration already sign some earth-friendly legislation? I am completely encouraged. But then again, Jupiter is prominent in my own chart and I can be annoyingly optimistic. Where is 6 degrees Taurus in your chart? You have some serious energy to harness wherever that is. For me, it's house two. And I have been revolutionizing the way I earn for months. For the entire pandemic, really. Another aspect of my personal daily practice is affirming that I deserve home ownership. Real Estate will be mine. I check the listings daily just to prepare my mind.

We're heading into the middle of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. The tight square on Inauguration Day between Mars/Uranus and Jupiter seemed like it was going to be a recipe for some macho foolishness. But the transition of power was peaceful and the whold world breathed a sigh of relief. We are still under the influence of Jupiter and Saturn working together in Aquarius, and we will be for the rest of the year. This year we create a vision for our lives knowing that we have the discipline required to ground our expansive visions into the third dimension of I Did That!

Goodbye, Capricorn Season. Goodbye, heavy 2020. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th had us preparing to build. The Full Moon in Leo has preparing to shine. Maybe we're ready to beta test a new website. (I don't think that's how one uses beta test). Maybe we feel ready to take a bit of a risk when it comes to sharing online. Allow yourself to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Show off a little.

The full moon falls on the 28th and on that day Venus and Pluto will be exactly conjunct, and we know that conjunctions mark the beginning of a new cycle. Many of us are transforming beliefs that we've been storing in our bodies and minds regarding how much we're worth. Look, a lot of people grew up with shitty parents and shitty circumstances or were born outside of the dominant caste system (yes, I read it). Self-worth can can really suffer when no one affirms our value. But as grown and sexy grown ass folks, we have to ultimitaly take what we've been given and transform it into a deep and unwavering love for ourselves as tiny representatives of the Divine. We are God expressing Itself. Give me some more of that. Imagine moving through the world and never forgetting who you are.

On a side note, Venus conjunct Pluto would be a great night to do some sex magic or some fully intentional Meta-bating. Orgasms help power up prayers, so write those intentions. Incant those affirmations. Use the magic of Mercury to speak your truth into being. Write it down. Chant it. Fire up those toys! And expect your dreams to come true.

Let me read your chart!!

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