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New Moon in Scorpio 21°

New Moon in Scorpio 21° (20°43’) November 13, 2023 4:27 AM EST


Scorpio energy welcomes the need to go deep. For the next six months, we’re invited to Transmute and Transform our old stories. Especially if these stories keep us or anyone we are close to, disempowered.


This New Moon is brought to you by the planet Mars.  Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is in it’s home sign of  Scorpio along with the Moon and the Sun.  The whole cluster is sitting opposite Uranus by degree and Jupiter by sign. Uranus and Jupiter are both in Taurus.  Scorpio and Taurus are opposite or complementary signs.  

Scorpio rules the underworld, everything that exists below the surface: the subway, rat villages, oil, aquifers, bones and cemeteries, anything trapped under the rubble, secrets, lies, anything that takes place in the dark…you get the picture.

Taurus rules the fertility of the soil and our private possessions, things we value, the money in our bank accounts and our resources in general.

Mars represents raw Will Power.  I-want-it-therefore-I’m gonna-have it energy. Very Henry VIII.  Powerful, strong and capable on one hand.  And Kind of a sexual predator on the other.   Mars in Scorpio at this powerful new moon has me asking myself, “Where have I been a bully to others.”  Where do I only consider what I want?  Where am I acting unconsciously?  We’re getting too old for our unhealed trauma to be running shit.


Don't be surprised (Uranus opposing Mars) if an old friend shows up wanting to recycle some old beef.  Mars in Scorpio can be like, "Remember that time you stepped on my white shoes with your dirty feet?" A higher octave of this energy might be an apology,-- but the twenty years later variety.  Is there something you need to apologize to yourself for?  To someone else?  Old tired unfinished business is so unsexy in our emotional bodies.  It brings us down down down.  

Jupiter and Mars opposing each other could point to a David and Goliath type dynamic.  Ask yourself, are you fighting fair?  Is it possible that you are fighting an old dynamic or a subconscious drive?  We really have to get serious about what the actual fuck is going on in our lives.  Do we even know why we do the things we do?  Are we acting on impulse?  Are we doing it because society says to do it (whatever it is). Because Mommy says so?  Who’s in fucking charge here, anyway?


Neptune offers some sweet oblivion in the form of a trine from Pisces. This could make us super forgetful.  It could also help us forgive that twenty year wrong that the besty decided to come clean about. 


I am hereby naming this new moon: Go Deep but Stay Sweet.  Let’s see where each sign will be feeling this lunation the most.  And remember, the new moon is the beginning of a six month cycle that culminates on the next full moon in Scorpio.  That will be sometime in the middle of the incoming spring.🌑🌻

Read your Rising Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign  (in that order):

ARIES: Transformative energy is filling up your eighth house of shared money, inheritance, DNA, death and taxes.  It’s never too early to get ready for tax season.  Especially for entrepreneurs.  Get those receipts in order, and communicate with anyone who helps or is connected to your money. 

TAURUS:  Oh, steadfast and sturdy bull, look at your most important relationships these next six months.  This is where you are being invited to transform.  Deep talks are upon you.  But not the kind that drain you.  The kind of talks that make you feel more yourself.  Energized. Mirror vulnerability and prepare for some breakthroughs.

GEMINI: The party in Scorpio is happening in your house of health and diet and exercise.  So, take advantage of modern medicine and do what you can to peer inside your own body.  Mammogram, anyone?  Maybe you are due for a colonoscopy.  That sounds like holiday fun! Scorpio can obscure what needs to be seen.  So, look within, literally.

CANCER: Don’t be surprised if you are getting all sorts of attention right now, Cancer.  Your name is in psychic bright lights now and for the next six months.  So, don’t be afraid to take up some space and to have a little fun. Take some risks, go on dates.  Inject some fresh energy into your S.O. if you have one.

LEO: Purge your home of any and all dead weight.  Your home needs to be a place where you feel safe to get naked. Emotionally naked, that is.  You are starting a new phase of growth that will be supported by anyone you share your home with.  You are ready to put down old emotional lies that you picked up in childhood.  

VIRGO: The Scorpio cluster lands in your third house of communication, Virgo. So, don’t silence yourself Virgo.  Consider yourself invited to reveal your most authentic self to those that are willing to listen.  Some deep truths might get dropped between you and your siblings.

LIBRA: The Sun, Moon and Mars in your second house of resources may be wreaking a little havoc in your personal financial sector. This is a great time to rededicate yourself to a healthy budget for the next six months and maybe resist the urge to over-splurge this holiday retail season.

SCORPIO: With three planets in your first house, including Mars, the ruler of the sign, you just might be doing too much.  Too much work, too much study.  Just obsessing over the one thing that you are trying to perfect.  Yes, you’re leveling up but you don’t have to master this new version of yourself today!

SAGITTARIUS: You are having a very watery new moon chapter, Sag.  The Scorpio Stellium (group of planets) is congregating in your deeply internal 12th house.  The end of a cycle is upon you.  Stay alert to sudden bursts of insight.  You may decide to end relationships that no longer serve.  Don’t try to hold onto anything too tightly.  This is a formless house.  Go with the flow.

CAPRICORN: You may find yourself spending time with a different social circle this winter and spring. Or, there are changes afoot in your current scene.  Possibly a shift of power.  You may have to decide where your alliances live.  Ouch.  That doesn’t sound fun.  Don’t make any sudden moves.  Measure twice, cut once. 

AQUARIUS: Is it possible that you were wrong about who you thought you were going to be when you grew up, Aquarius?  It’s a good thing you are deeply committed to your authentic self.  Your career path may be taking a different shape than you had anticipated.  Don’t worry if this feels uncomfortable.  Those are simply your growing pains. Onwards!

PISCES: Consider any invitations that pull you out of town at this time.  This new moon cycle has your wings itching to take flight.  If you cannot leave town, then expand your mind in other ways.  Deepen your relationship to any of your favorite subjects.  Words are prolific in the 9th house.  A very good position for academics and writers.  

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