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Libra, Justice, and Rightous Anger

Is it just me or some days Do you just feel Blacker than other days? Granted, I've been stuck in the suburbs for a month (miss you, Brooklyn), I spent two hours in Urgent Care being ignored, came home hangry (because I wasn't supposed to eat before my appointment-I never got seen BTW), snapped at my mother, (did I mention that I'm living with my mother?), kicked the cat (No, but this opening needs more color), then proceeded to watch The Hate you Give on HULU and Judas and The Black Messiah on HBO MAX because, cable.

For the very white among you, The Hate You Give is a movie based on the YA novel of the same name. Black teenager witnesses a police shooting. Said teenager goes to a private white school and has a private white boyfriend. She's adept a code switching. She speaks fluent white Monday through Friday, and relaxes into her own skin on the weekends. Well, she doesn't fully relax. She can never really fully relax because, Blackness.

Judas and The Black Messiah is about the righteous fight of the Black Panthers led by Fred Hampton. Young Black people organizing themselves in order to fight for their own sombody-ness. Can't have Black People running around with self-respect, so the federal government steps in and inserts a black spy. They loved doing that shit. Stir up a little distrust. Make folks paranoid.

Happy Equinox, friends. Half Day, Half Night. The sun floating over the equator, shines her light equally on both halves of the Earth. The Sun, so often a stand in for God, or Ra as the early humans used to call it shines equally on all of us. Nature is perfect. Humans, who have been blessed with free will, are not.

Today is the first day of Fall. Or, it will be at 9:04 PM EST. The first day of Libra, represented by the scales. Balance. Equality. Justice. On this day, there are no favorites, as far as the sun is concerned. Twelve hours for ya'll. Twelve hours for ya'll. The same for everyone. Except.....not really. Women are getting murdered for a visible whisps of hair. An entire island is fucked again. Climate Change. Hurricanes. The Fucking American Medical Industrial Complex. Oh, yeah. Abortions. Grateful that the one I had in 1990 was accessible and affordable. It was basically across the street. Thank You, Planned Parenthood. Ya'll, yesterday was the International Day of Peace and I am feeling ornery.

Astrology, Take Me Away!!!! At 9:04 PM EST, the Sun enters Libra. That's 6:04 PM PST, for my Bay Area Bitches. 10:04 GMT, I think. Is Daylight Savings still a thing? Anyway.....Ruled by Venus, Libra is a sign of peace, beauty and charm. So, why does the world feel so damn Uncharming today? Let's investigate today's chart and see if we can discern some of the fuckery.

Two things jump out at me right away. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct (again). It happens three times when Mercury crosses over the sun during it's retrograde cycle. So this is time number two. So, in addition to Mercury, five other planets are also retrograde. Venus, Mars and The Sun are the only planets that are not retrograde. Retrograde planets reflect a time of, well, reflection. Think of all the R-Words. Review, Revisit, Re-do, Rehearse, Remember. Reparations.

Where O, Where have we been, Humanity? What have we done and How have we gotten here? Pluto, in the final degrees of Capricorn suggests that the World's White Male Authority is on the way out. Pluto transforms what is broken, busted and burnt-out. Sets fire to the plantation, if you will. And Capricorn, is the stuffy old traditions that only serve the few. Capricorn, we love you for your discipline and your forward-thinking-ness. Pluto in Capricorn gave us the United States and the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. That beautiful document proclaiming freedom and happiness for all. All being all the White Men who owned property. For fuck's sake, America.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is square Uranus. Let's shake it up. Calling all revolutionaries! What is it gonna take to launch us all into the future where all of us have everything we need, blessed equally by the sun? Jupiter and Chiron in Aries ask us to be courageous. There is a fight raging on the planet. David v Goliath. Underdogs v Superpowers. Ukraine v Russia.

Libra, help!!! What say you? Libra says, I am another Yourself. Libra says Giving is Receiving. Libra asks us to remember that There is Only One of Us Here. So Basic! It's the Golden Rule, Mother Fuckers. Sorry. I am one part peaceful hippy and one part agitated as fuck. Libra reminds me to breath. Air Sign. Libra. Yes, things are on fire. The Earth is on fire. And when emergency is upon us, we get calm, we focus and we act. Like a fire fighter Hero-ing their way through a burning building.

What can I do for you? This is a beautifully Libran inquiry. Ask it of the Other. Not just any other but specifically the Others that piss you the fuck off. Oh God. Those assholes are your angels, my perfect darlings. Here to teach you something about You. Giving you an opportunity to stay calm in the eye of the Storm.

I found myself really agitated this afternoon. Like, I had to pull out all the stops on the drive home from my doctor's appointment that never happened. Favorite songs, Spiritual lessons from my favorite teachers. Singing out loud. And you know what finally did it for me? Thriller. Thriller came on the radio and I blasted that shit. It was a simple shift but my mood improved and decided to step outside of the pity party I was having for myself. I remembered that I always have everything I need and I decided to stop obsessing about myself and to throw my consciousness out into the world. Puerto Rico immediately came to mind. Pray for and send some money to Puero Rico. I can do that.

Forgive that person that pissed me all the way off. Working on it. Dance it out when I'm annoyed as fuck, ok. Channel peace when the world is at war. Yes. Find the calm in the center of the storm, check. Imagine my enemy as my friend. Why? I mean, yes. Tonight, the Earth is in Balance. The Sun shines equally on all of us. This is a truth we can rely on.

Inhale for four.

Exhale for four.

Breathing in, I love who I am becoming.

Breathing out, I love who you are becoming.

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