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Let go of the Old. Embrace the Truth of Yourself

Dec. 14, 2020. New Moon : 23 degrees Sagittarius at 11:16 AM EST

What is a New Moon? A new moon occurs when, from our perspective here on Earth, the moon lines up with the sun. Even though the sun is significantly larger, the moon and the sun appear to be the same size because the sun is so much farther away. That’s why the moon can “cover” the sun.

The Sun, the Moon and the Earth have moved into almost perfect alignment along the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity. What are you thinking about? What do you believe? Let us reset and take the time to get clear about the blueprint that we're following as we build our lives. We have to make sure that the maps that guide are actually leading us to a desired destination, a peaceful, joyous and fantabulous destination. Fire Island, anyone? New moon, new month, new chapter, new beginning. And the effect of this moon will be in play for the following six months when it will culminate with the full moon in Sagittarius (when the sun will be in the opposite sign of Gemini) in May.

Due to its proximity to the South Node, this new moon is special because it is also a solar eclipse. The lunar nodes are points in the sky where the orbit of the moon intersects with the orbit of the earth around the sun. When the new or full moon occurs at either of these two points, we experience an eclipse. In this case, a solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. Here's a little visual to help. (you're welcome). I grabbed this from Anjana Sen's youtube station. It's simple, yet really helps us to wrap our brains around what is going on out their.

I like to think of eclipses like this: a portal by which we twist our selves into the next itertion of ourselves. Below is a detail of one of Alex Grey's paintings. Look closely, their are peoplde inside of the double helix!!

Sagittarius wants to know what is going on Really? Especially over there, on the other side of the fence, the wall, the border. Are there other dimensions? What does life actually mean? Sag needs to organize its understanding of the world into meaning. Into philosophy and religion. In a word, BELIEF. Ok so what do you believe? In new thought circles (New Though is my Jam) A belief is a thought that one thinks over and over.

The new moon is joined by the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet that represents our perception. Mercury is our mind at work. It is the Monkey Mind. The inquisitive mind. The stream of consciousness mind. Mercury in the mix tells us that this new moon is about our THOUGHTS.

The South Node, or the Dragon’s Tail is about letting go. It is the past or what will soon be the past.

This new moon is about letting go of old personal thought systems in order to move forward. This theme is reinforced by the stellium in Capricorn featuring Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

The Capricornian cluster is a larger, slower version of the new moon cluster. Pluto re-ejects like a volcano, anything that is no longer necessary. Saturn is form, structure and foundations. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius seeks the truth. Globally we are rejecting outdated societal structures (patriarchy, racism, white supremacy).

Personally, we are doing some letting go as well. Meditate on your life. What thoughts are consistently bringing you pain? Making you feel small? It's time to let that shit go. I know I know. Easier said than done. Just be willing to be free of it all. Just keep noticing when you your mind just floats to negative self-talk. Quiet that small scared voice and remind yourself what is true. That you are Spirit Individuated, and very very very very important part of creation.

These things help me to see myself clearly:

Abraham/Jerry and Esther Hicks

The Music of Celebration Spiritual Center led by Pastor Greg and Performed by Soul 21

Let's see what the New Moon Cluster might be asking you to pay attention to at this time.

Aries Rising: The New Moon falls in your 9th house. Your spiritual beliefs are transforming. The truth as understood by you is evolving. You may be investigating the belief systems of other cultures and feeling inspired about how other cultures talk about Truth.

Taurus Rising: The New Moon falls in your 8th house. You are doing deep emotional work. Potentially, reframing some old family story. You may have to let go of some relationships that no longer serve. The energy of actualizing into your true gender exists here. You may be waking up from a culty sleep. Others don’t define you. You define you.

Gemini Rising: The New Moon falls in your 7th house. You can never stand alone in this house. So you are also redesigning some of your primary relationships. The 7th house defines how you go about collaborating. Hearing. Communicating. Exchanging ideas equally. You might be feeling like it’s time to bring more to the table. To speak up for yourself more. To let your perceptions be known. On the other hand, you may need to listen more.

Cancer Rising: The New Moon falls in your 6th house. You are redesigning the entire structure of your day. Your rituals. Your job. You may be taking on a new health regime. Recommitting to a new fitness practice. New Job. New Major. We’re doing things differently. We’re leveling up. Take the time to nurture your own body

Leo Rising: The New Moon falls in your 5th house. New lover. New Art Project. Creative juices are flowing as you are investigating new muses. Perhaps you are feeling turned on by a new artist/band/poet/musician. Be inspired. Let yourself be reshaped influenced by those who inspire you.

Virgo Rising: The New Moon falls in your 4th house. This may be a time where you are rediscovering your own childhood. Looking at your parents with a more mature perspective. Reframing the narrative of your own life. Forgiving someone from your past. Asking for or offering forgiveness.

Libra Rising: The New Moon falls in your 3rd house. Look for changes close to home. Maybe you are thinking of moving. Changing your course of study. The 3rd house is the area around where you live. Siblings and cousins. An unexpected message may come from them. Communicate 3x. It’s a good thing you’re not shy cuz you will want to get your message out there.

Scorpio Rising: The New Moon falls in your 2nd house. How are your core values changing? Challenge youreself to usderstand where your "opinions" come from. Make a top ten list of things that you must get done/Pay attention to the things that you find valuable. You may feel like you're ready to own some stuff. You may feel the need to project yourself into the physical dimension by owning nice things. Not necessary.

Sagittarius Rising: The New Moon falls in your 1st house. Who are you, Sagittarius? Can you sense that the you that you on the precipice of great change? You are growing out of your own skin like a lizard or a snake. Transformation can be destabalizing.

Capricorn Rising: The New Moon falls in your 12th house. Your work is the work of your subconscious. You have to root out the thought weeds that may have been working against your flow to the good. Take your solitude time. You will need to stay good and rested in preparation of all the energy you are about to release. Your mind is fertile and its waiting to be planted with fat

Aquarius Rising: The New Moon falls in your 11th house. Allow your friend groups to shrink. Embrace solitude. One or two excellent friends is enough. At this point, being surrounded by too many fools (I mean peopl!) is just draining.

Pisces Rising: The New Moon falls in your 10th house preparing you for a professional makeover. The 10th house faces society. It’s where you interact with your public. What do you believe about who you are and what your role is in society. How has that been changing?

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