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Keep Calm. You're Blooming

You are the sun, my moon, my stars.  You are the beating of my heart.

I’ve been pretty excited about all of this Taurus  (Taurusian? Taurian?) let’s just say earthy activity. And I want to tell everyone about it.  I want everyone I meet to know that they can align their thoughts, their prayers, their words, and their choices with the astrological atmosphere. So, I was blurting about this to the lady who was checking me out at the grocery store. So, I’m explaining the good fortune that a stellium in Taurus portends, and she asks me, 

“You believe in luck?” 

Was that accusatory?  Uh-oh.

When dealing with folks in the south, especially folks of culture, (that’s the newish term for colored folk–I like it), you often bump up against the Christian Firewall. I assume a bunch o’stuff about them.  They assume a bunch o’stuff about me.  I couldn’t explain my whole belief system in the time we had together, so I just blurted, 

“I don’t believe in luck.  I believe in Energy.”  

Then she said, “I believe in God.”  

“So do I!” I respond with a smile and  I turn to leave, but I know she didn’t believe me.

I’ve never come out before, per se.  But the truth is…I………. believe………..insert nervous gif….


There, now you know.  I said it.  Or typed it.  The hippy astrologer believes in a loving, unchanging, creative principle that connects everything and everyone. Oh, and I go to church. For fuck’s sake, that doesn’t make any sense.  

Like, right now, I have my headphones on and I’m listening to funky South African House Music. No words.  And I have a second window open where I am listening to my pastor’s Sunday sermon.  I know that sounds like something a church-woman would say and I’m No Church Woman!  But I mean, well, I sort of AM. 

I am a GGG (if you know, you know), polyamorous/ethically non-monogamous (have been for 31 years), self-employed Believer who happens to also be a cat mom who loves to sing, dance, walk  and pray.  (And by the way, thinking is praying).

What I’m trying to get at is this…..

Happy full moon!  Falling at 3 degrees Sagittarius, at roughly 10:00 PM EST tonight, this Sagittarian moon will oppose the Gemini Sun.  Happy Birthdays to all of the Twins out there! The Moon is guided (or ruled) by Jupiter who is currently conjunct Venus at the auspicious 29th degree of Taurus.

Why do we care what the moon does?  Imagine, you are by yourself floating through space.  Your closest neighbor is millions of light years away except for a huge boulder that floats around you, changing shape continually.  And you always know where this rockbody is.  It sort of pulls at you gravitationally.  You could close your eyes, and always be able to point directly at it.  You can just sort of….feel it.

That’s the Moon.  It affects our bodies.  In transit, or, as the moon travels around the earth (and each of our natal charts), it represents our bodies, or the body (all of us) or our embodiment.  Shout out to all the Moms who gave us our embodiment.  

The full moon represents a chapter coming to fullness. And Sagittarius turns our minds to Truth and Belief. In December 2023, the new moon in Sagittarius set in motion a cycle that may have taken you far from home.  Maybe your studies took on a more significant role in your life.  Maybe you invoked a mentor or renewed your vows. Published a book. Started a podcast.  Found or founded a spiritual community.

Well, this full moon brings a blooming energy to all of our lives.  It’s late Spring after all.  The sun has been in the Mutable Air sign of Gemini for a couple of days. Spring is in full bloom and we prepare ourselves for the long, hot days of summer.  Mutable signs always fall during the final month of the season.  Keeping us flexible, the energy of Gemini, as represented by the twins, keeps us moving in many directions at once.  So many flowers to fuck, I mean smell.

But back to Jupiter.  What does Jupiter have to offer us this full moon?  Well, the big lug is conjunct his best girl, Venus.  And together, they like to have a good time. The Greater and Lesser Benefic, as they are also known, Jupiter and Venus tend to bless us with good things.  A lot of good things.  So keep your eyes out for something that is growing quickly in your life, and   in a way that feels good. What should I be paying attention to in order to locate this Venupitarian growth in my life, you ask?

Well, I’d say, for that specificity we must think about your rising sign.  That will tell us where this supercharged full moon is moving through your chart. 

For those with:

Gemini on the ascendant, you must look at your relationships. (7th house)

Cancers, your health and daily rituals including your diet(6th house).

Leos, Your output or what you’ve brought to share with the rest of us (5th house).

Virgos, your homes.  Your history.  Are you hiding?  Why? (4th house).

Libras, your words, your chat, your neighborhood(3rd house).

Scorpios, your stuff, your self worth(2nd house).

Sagittarius: your whole self is a construction zone.  Big renovations for you. (1st house)

Capricorns: you may feel the need to be alone.  Lots of info coming through silently. (12th house). 

Aquarians:  Which friends are you feeling the best with? More, please (11th house).

Pisces: a career boost? (10th house).

Aries:  your full moon is super Sag’d up.  Are you feeling called? What’s trying to get your attention? (9th house).

Taurus: Expect some solid deals to come through.  (8th house).

So, what about the 29th degree?  Venus and  Jupiter are in an exact conjunction today (May 23rd) on the infamous 29th degree of Taurus.  What of it?  The final degree of any sign is considered special and given the fancy moniker of “anaretic.”  The 29th degree is like the mutable signs of the zodiac in that it holds qualities of both the sign that it is in, in this case Jupiter and Venus in Taurus, and the sign where it’s going, Gemini.   Where are you feeling bountiful?  Where can you expect more bounty?

Notice that the opposition between the moon and Jupiter/Venus is out of sign, Sagittarius opposite Taurus.  As opposed to the perfect opposition between the sun and the moon (as all full moons are) between Sagittarius and Gemini. It’s as if Jupiter and Venus are like, yes Gemini, the season may belong to you, but there is still hella activity happening below ground.  The roots are drinking and deepening.  Growth is happening whether you notice or not.  Gemini energy is very bumble bee.  Very butterfly.  But all this Taurus has me thinking that something very good is about to make itself known.  I feel like the entire Taurus Posse (Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Jupiter) is whispering in my ear, “Don’t worry.  We got you.”  Or said another way, “Peace.  Be still.”   See what I did there?

Expect the good, my beloved pastors are always reminding me.  Love your Gratitude Practice?  That’s expecting the good.  Uranus wants to surprise us with something tangible.  3-6-9 practice?  That’s expecting the good. Looking for Easter Eggs, expectation.  Vision boards?  You get it.  So, continue to water your seeds.  I’ve been writing about them all Spring.  What are you growing slowly?

And if you’re not sure what your seeds represent, assure yourself that something inside of you is absolutely sure about how wonderful you are.  How Valuable you are.  How perfect you are.  Neptune is in a perfect sextile to Jupiter and Venus, so, allow confusion to exist if that is what you are experiencing.  There is value in all of it.  Think of yourself as a gooey chrysalis, preparing to take flight.

There is nothing wrong with you.  

What if, for just a moment or so, you believed that everything was going to be ok.  What if you knew what your part was in this overall OK-ness?  What if you knew what you came here to accomplish? Again, something inside of you has absolutely no doubts about you.  The part that knows that there is a connection. A permanent unsoiled, sinless connection (Shirly Maclain tells us it’s a silver thread) that tethers you to your eternal Source.  There I go talking about God Again.  I’m a Believer.

Sagittarius has us contemplating our beliefs. Happy Moon in Sagittarius. What do you Believe?  What do you want to know more about?  Where are you expanding?  How are you growing?

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