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It's Gemini Season!!

The Sun and Mercury have entered Gemini (as of Tuesday) giving an inquisitive, light-hearted vibration to the greater celestial mood.  Collectively the Sun and Mercury want to express. They want to socialize. They want to collect information. Buzzing around the neighborhood, they want to collaborate.  They want to share skills. It’s very outwardly focused. Keep reading to consider where is this true for you?

Aries:  This week, stay close to home.  Have you really explored your own neighborhood?  Tried all the restaurants? Stopped into every shop to say hello to your local merchants?  Take a tour of the area immediately following your home. Be a great neighbor and introduce yourself.  Share what you do. There could be some unexpected connections made!

Taurus: You’re always thinking about your finances, Taurus, but there is a lot of energy shining in your 2nd house of stuff you really like.  This might be a good time to seek out some advice around investing. Do you have a financial advisor? An accountant? Someone who does your taxes?  It’s a good time to start building your financial team. It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank today.

Gemini: This is a good week to try out some new ways of keeping fit.  Yoga? Boxing? Swimming? Re-invigorate your physical practices and have fun while supporting healthy body and mind.  Make it social and find yourself a workout partner. Someone to tour around the local spots.

Cancer:  Your subconscious is trying to get your attention, Cancer.  Are you listening? This is a good week to do some deep energetic work.  Have you ever received an intuitive reading? The sun is lighting out the area of your deepest secrets and unconscious drives.  Pay attention to the tapes that are running in your head. Are you negative self-talker? It’s time to let that stuff go.

Leo:  Your social circles are all the way lit up this month, Leo.  Gemini season is going to be popping for you. Lots of inspiration and like-minded collaborations to be had.  Are there people in your immediate circles that kind of do what you do? Is there a way to combine forces that is mutually beneficial.  Working with other is fun and helps you stay motivated.

Virgo:  This is a great time for some creative brainstorming at work.  Creativity and mental energy are turned up in the work sphere? Maybe it’s time for some new advertising or an increased online presence.  How is your social media game? Spend some time learning the ins and out of Instagram Storytelling. They’re all the rage and can help get your business noticed.

Libra:  The 9th house of travel is being tickled by the Sun and Mercury, so, if there is a way to combine travel and writing, Libra, you will definitely be celestially supported.  Or maybe you have a podcast or a blog that investigates some of life’s bigger questions? Why is every on a crowded planet feeling so alone? Share your thoughts with the world, Libra.

Scorpio:  So, you have some deep conversations coming up this week.  It’s good. Mercury has the ability to find the right words.  There are some power dynamics to tend to in some of your relationships.  State your truth in a way that doesn’t attack. Listen. Breathe.

Sagitarrius:  You might find yourself flirting with everyone during these final weeks of spring.  The King of communication is in your one-on-one house. This is a great time to have a heart to heart.  Speaking your truth comes very naturally during Gemini season. Remember to take a breath every now and again.  Good conversations involve speaking AND listening.

Capricorn:  Gemini is in your house of work and daily ritual.  Consider making some changes on the job. Taurus season may have left you feeling in a bit of a rut.  Breathe some new life into your daily doings. Take a new route to work. Reorganize the office. Let someone else facilitate the weekly meeting.  Change is good!

Aquarius:  Your house of romance and fertility is being blessed by the light of the sun and the inexhaustible curiosity of Mercury.  Is there someone out there that you are dying to get to know? Make a move! Ask them out! Get your flirt on for the rest of the spring.  Swipe Right and Right and Right! Make art! Make love! Make babies! For real, the skies are super fertile for water bearers at present.

Pisces:  Get your abode in order.  You’ve been meaning to repaint the bathroom or get rid of all of that stuff in the foyer, right?  Do it! Lighten up your home life. Get rid of stuff that you never touch. Let some light and by all means wash those windows.  Essentially, you are being called to the altar of Spring Cleaning. When your home feels good, you feel good.

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