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It's Eclipse Season, Charlie Brown!

Cheers, Queers and Happy New Moon to YOU

The new moon occurs at 21°Libra on Saturday, October 14th at 1:55 PST.

New Moons are always a great time to refresh and to recommit. Let’s turn the page in the great book of life and ponder the fresh page.

We Can Begin Again.

Why We? Well, Libra of course. It’s a very Libran Time. Sun, Moon, Mercury and the South Node. The Node’s inclusion in this list is the very thing that makes this new moon an Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse, to be specific. An exact and concise lineup is created between the Earth, Sun and Moon. Very powerful stuff.

Broad themes: Relationships. Honor them. Grow in and through them. Learn from them. Without you, I’m nothing. Or at least, an important aspect of who we are is reflected back at us through the eyes of our friends, lovers, siblings, bosses, employees, etc. Ouch. I mean, yay! Thank you universe for this amazing system that makes it so easy to learn about who we are and who we want to be.

Look at each of your relationships and sit in the feelings that well up in your body. Do you want more or less of that feeling? Can you identify what you feel when you ponder your closest relationships? Loved. Seen. Heard. Judged. Challenged. Invigorated. Brave. Scared. Pissed. Betrayed. Beguiled. I fucking love that word.

Venus, the ruler of the Libra moon, is opposing Saturn, kinda putting a little damper on the interactive front. But also, let’s be grown-ups and have grown up conversations. Saturn gets a bad wrap but without him, we’d forget to get careers, partners, kids, dogs and stuff. He helps us to get to the next chapter in our lives. Level up, as the kids say.

Mercury supports this chapter by keeping open the lines of communication. But then there’s the South Node. The south node is a cosmic vacuum sucking things out of our lives that no longer serve. Some of us are going to experience the loss of friendships. Others of us will experience conscious uncoupling. And still others will move through a challenging time with a bestie and emerge on the other side. AFOG, baby. Another fucking opportunity for growth. Disagreements, fights even, when approached with conflict resolution in mind equal compost on the friendship garden.

Mars has recently entered Scorpio, its traditional home. And here, the God of Head Butts, is extremely powerful. So, Martian types (Aries and Scorpio types), take a breath before you assert your dominance, you assholes. I am the proud owner of three planets in Aries, so I know what I’m talking about. Some of us are going to have to apologize for the dumb shit we blurt out.

Pluto is supporting Mars in an almost perfect trine. Lots of power in that dynamic. Consider it. Who holds the power in your various relationships and how do you determine something like that anyway? There is professional power, financial power, the power of ownership, etc. I’m not going to assume that I know how power flows in all of our various relationships but this is something I’ve been pondering this Aries/Libra Eclipse Season: I want to be in relationships where power is shared. I don’t want to have to shrink myself for another to exist. I don’t want my needs to overshadow the needs of others. And if there is an unbalanced power dynamic, it is either agreed to or can be discussed. Boom. Simple. But not really.

Walking on eggshells around someone. That’s an unbalanced power dynamic. Afraid to go home because you don’t know what kind of mood they’ll be in. Unbalanced. Your roommate did or said something that fell outside of the scope of your agreements but you were able to discuss and solve the issue with everyone’s ego intact. Balance.

We can take a breath, begin again and make sure that we give peace a chance. The operative word is We. Everybody involved has to be interested in navigating the bumpy waters towards peace. Each has to be open to the experience of the other. Conflict can be resolved.

Let’s take a look at how this new moon is touching each sign specifically:

Aries: Your relationships are under the spotlight. So make sure to give peace a chance wherever conflict may be springing up. This is a good time to dig into your shadow and to investigate what’s lurking in your personality closet. There is a Shadow Work journal that is very popular on Tik Tok. Maybe check it out.

Taurus: This Libra moon is bringing balance to your work day. So pay close attention if you find yourself working long days. Overworking yourself at this time could have a funky effect on your health. So recommit to that exercise practice. Leave work early and make time for things that feel good. Paint and sip, anyone?

Gemini: This new moon is encouraging you to have some fun, Gemini. Put joy first. Get together with those that you laugh easily with. Venus, the moon’s ruler, is in your home so, maybe host a happy hour at your house. Change is afoot at work. It’s a good time to make a power move.

Cancer: You require peace at home so defend your lair at all costs. You need to be able to retreat to your safe space. Mars in the fifth has you feeling especially creative and sexy so if you’re feeling flirty, good. And if someone invites you on an unexpected outing, go!

Leo: Say what is on your courageous heart, Lion. Shine your light on others and be free with compliments. Make others feel as cute as you look. And don’t be afraid to pamper yourself a little. Venus in the second supports a healthy sense of self. Mars and Pluto may be stirring up some intense family dynamics. Stay alert to unseen influences.

Virgo: This moon is highlighting your self-worth. Recommit to the people and practices that reflect a version of yourself that you can be proud of. Your relationships are profoundly important now and provide opportunities for leveling up. You are feeling cute, Virgo. Support your wellness with healthy foods and words of affirmation. Remind yourself what you love about you.

Libra: Focus on what brings you peace. Where have you been leaking power? It’s a good time for you to think about what makes you feel like Wonder Woman. Think about your wins of the last year and rejoice in the moments where you stood up for yourself. How did you feel before? After? Listen to your gut, metaphorically and physically. If it gives you a belly ache, don’t do it… or eat it.

Scorpio: Ok, Scorpio, you’ve got some deep digging to do. You’ve got stuff to unearth. Like, a lot of stuff. So, try not to obsess. Go, within. Go, without. Do your deep dive into your internal landscape and then ask someone else how they’re feeling. Service to others will help balance out your obsessions.

Sagittarius: Lean into your chosen family, Sag. Surround yourself with like-minded thinkers and dreamers. If you have besties at work, maybe invite them out to meet your friend group. In the spirit of balance, spend as much time introverting as extraverting. Spruce up your meditation corner at home.

Capricorn: Take it easy Capricorn. We get it, you’re a hard worker. And a 10th house new moon might make you even more focused than ever. But Libra reminds us that all work and no play…well, you know the rest. So, dear Goat friends, reconnect with friends and allow yourself to take a break from the endless climb. Explore your curiosities.

Aquarius: The New Moon invites all weirdos (that’s you, Water Bearers) to expand their ideas of themselves. Whether via education or travel, you’ve got new worlds to explore. Your sense of self is transforming as you grow into your own power. You are looking very sexy, my dears, but maybe reign in the spending.

Pisces: The new moon moving through your house of intimate connections has you pondering the power dynamics in your relationships. You deserve not to be overpowered. If your one-on-one partnerships have you feeling small, say something. But don’t yell. Stay alert to potential love connections. Venus in the 7th smells like pheromones…the kind you like.

That’s my time.

Nappysnatch, Out!

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