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I love you like I love myself

When I say SPRING,You Say BROOKLYN. It’s SPRING in BROOKLYN!! SPRING in BROOKLYN!! Every time I walk outside, there are more blooms in the grass and more leaves on the trees. The Full Moon in Libra comes at a time when, here in the northern hemisphere, Lady Spring is basking in the sun with her tits out. We clothing optional types are like, Yeeeeeessssss.

This full moon occurs at 2:55 PM EST on Saturday, April 16th. What I love best about this new moon is that it comes in the wake of the Great Jupiter Neptune Conjunction. Jupiter and Neptune came together in Pisces earlier this week on April 12th. The last time that this occurred in Pisces was 1856. Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion and the seeking of truth. Neptune rules the spirit, mysticism, dreams and illusion. These planets are very comfortable in Neptune. Jupiter is the traditional ruler Pisces and Neptune, the modern one. Together these planets inspire spiritual growth on a global level. The 1850’s saw a rise in the Spiritualist Movement where practitioners attempted to prove that there is a connection between the physical and non-physical worlds. Sigmund Freud was born in 1856 at the height of the conjunction. His life’s work studying the inner realms of the human mind changed everything forever. Psychology falls under Neptune’s domain.

Jupiter and Neptune coming together is a beautiful energy to contemplate. In our modern world, material growth is favored, despite how horrifically it affects our Mother Earth. Jupiter and Neptune inspire us to grow

from within and to contemplate how each one of us is a tiny piece of spirit, individualized, whole, perfect and complete.

The full moon in Libra is ruled by Venus. The Aries Sun is ruled by Mars. Both of these planets are also in Pisces, adding to the watery and spiritual nature of the moment.

The Libra Full Moon shines her beautiful light on our relationships and collaborations. Every full moon is an opposition between the Moon and the Sun. And oppositions need balance. Aries/I am is looking for balance with the Libran/We are. Forgiveness. Compromise. Diplomacy. These are the concepts that you want to be contemplating this full moon.

Both the Sun and the Moon are Squaring Pluto. The power of Pluto is transformative and life-changing. So take the opportunity to transform your relationships. Squares can feel troublesome so lean into the power of Libra to keep a cool head and communicate with grace.

What else is going on in the sexy skies this weekend? We have another conjunction between Mercury and Uranus in earthy Taurus. It is in a harmonious sextile to Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon. Venus, in Pisces, inspires us to pursue deep and empathic connections. Our values become more focused on our spiritual growth and the inner beauty of ourselves and others. Merc

ury and Uranus are airy and intellectual by nature. They are quick thinkers and extremely versatile. Together, new ideas that are geared towards the future flow freely. In Taurus, we must consider our resources.

The Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Taurus gives us a beautiful opportunity to reimagine how we grow our prosperity. Venus in Pisces inspires our imagination to consider new ways to collaborate. How can you work with your partners in new and creative ways? How is our spiritual growth and connection to others connected to our prosperity? I am inspired to lean into my practices that cultivate a deeper love for myself. The divine within us is pure and perfect. When we focus on it, nothing but good can flow into our lives. When we focus on the divinity in each other, the sky's the limit when it comes to the problems we can solve and the growth that we can cultivate.

I am reading a book right now that really encapsulates this idea. It’s called Conversations With People Who Hate Me. Written by Dylan Marron, it’s an incredible study of seeing the humanity in people who are philosophically, religiously and politically opposed. It’s an amazing read and I’m sure it will have you rethinking your relationships.

That’s all for now, my pretties. Nappysnatch, out!

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