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Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Moon, everyone!!  On February 9, 2024 at around 6:00 PM EST we will start the next chapter of our lives.  Welcome to the new moon in Aquarius!!

Ah, Aquarius, how we love thee.  As an Aquarius sun, I may be a little biased BUT Aquarius season is the time of the year when we celebrate our interconnection.  We live on a tiny planet and every living thing deserves the right to thrive.  When we tap into the Aquarian archetype, we remember how fun it is to serve the whole.  

The Water Bearer pours the waters of life from one vessel to another.  A human figure surrounded by the animals and inanimate objects that make up the Western Zodiac, the symbol for Aquarius speaks to our human ability to manipulate the creative waters.  To care for the life giving substances of the Earth.  To care for each other.

Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, is traditionally ruled by Saturn.  Uranus is the modern ruler.  Aquarius is an air sign.  Air is the domain of the mind.  Coming in the middle of the winter, Aquarius is a Fixed sign.  Fixed Air.  Fixed Mind.  Opinionated. Smart. Aquarius loves to notice patterns in nature, in language, in math, in people.  The Aquarius Mind is open and loves to contemplate big ideas.  The energy of Aquarius is one of connection.  It loves community and to work in a dedicated group of folks.

Saturn helps the Aquarian mind to concretize all of those great ideas.  Uranus keeps the Aquarian looking towards the future.  Uranus helps us see the light.  Uranus keeps us in great ideas, like the Internet, for instance.  Uranus supports Revolutions of all kinds.  When we are ready to redesign our society, Uranus supports us in helping the old guard out of the building.

This New Moon features a tight Square between the New Moon’s Modern Ruler, Uranus, and the Sun/Moon conjunction.  All New moons feature a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon.  That is why the Moon is invisible during this part of the lunar cycle.  The light of the Sun is obscuring it.  So what of this Square?  Uranus is in Taurus.  Another fixed Sign.  Fixed signs are known for their stubbornness.  They like to continue doing what they are doing.  Fixed Earth is concerned with strengthening the roots of the garden.  Taurus protects our resources. It’s the energy of a fertile landscape.  

Uranus helps us shake off any energy that no longer serves us.  It also gives us really good ideas. This lunation, this month, consider what it is that you value. What makes you feel grounded and protected and yummy.  Now imagine it all being taken away.  Kidding!!  Actually, with Jupiter also in Taurus, we might expect financial surprises: forgotten bank accounts or an unknown auntie left you something in her will. Uranus moves really slowly through a sign and its job is to revolutionize that area of the chart.  In Taurus, the world's economic systems are being rewired.  The Bitcoins and the Apple Pays.  The way we use electricity to move money around.  But how can that look in the micro?  In your life?  In mine?

Well let’s take a look.  This new moon through the signs:

Pisces: The moon in the 12th house may make you feel like you wanna be alone. The tension comes from the fact that Jupiter and Uranus in the 3rd kind of want to talk your ear off.  God bless the community.  And then, shut your door.

Aries: At home in the 11th, the Aquarian New Moon fires up your social circles. Do a check-in with yourself and ask yourself if maybe you’ve outgrown some of these spaces.  Are you feeling valued?  If not, Bye Felicia.  You ain’t got time for that!

Taurus: What’s happening at work Taurus?  Hopefully the team is tight and everyone is on the same page.  You may have to step it up and put on your big girl panties.  You are evolving as far as your career is concerned. Keep it up!

Gemini:  As always, Gemini, your mind is in motion, but your body may be as well.  Travel? Yes!  Study? Yes.  Teach? Yes.  But, even better than that, there are some big changes afoot in your deep inner space.  Look for dream messages.  Get quiet.

Cancer: Your work is internal this month.  Pay close attention to those who you are intimately connected to whether by fluids or contract. Listen to the people who know you best if they get the skeevie jeevies from someone new you bring around.  You're usually so sensitive to bullshit.  Stay alert.  You may be susceptible to some subterfuge.

Leo: Your audience loves you as always, Leo.  Especially at work. Ask for the raise by all means.  The folks in power have you in their sights.  Do what you do and be the powerhouse bad bitch that you are.  Luh you!!

Virgo: This is the month that you and your besties do that cleanse or join that class or whatever.  Recommit to your healthy body.  And of course, pay extra close attention to your gut.  You may have a total change of heart as to whether it’s gluten free or veganism that wins.  Movement is your friend.  If you are feeling backed up (literally), a change of scenery (long walk, short trip) could do you good.

Libra: The new moon in the 5th house has you feeling creative, cute and frisky.  So get out there and have some fun.  Jupiter in the 8th gives you a distinct air of mystery and sexiness.  The square to Uranus in Taurus, suggests that you might possibly pick a sexy frog at the Lunar New Years party.  So, get your peeps to sniff out the scene as well.  

Scorpio: Your focus is on the home this month.  Clean all the corners, dust off your altars and light new candles.  Invite your besties over for a quiet New Year’s gathering.  Someone is paying attention to you.  Maybe many people.  Maybe a new super close friend shows up.  Maybe you let someone go.  Either way, it’ll come as a surprise.  Don’t worry.  It's a positive change.

Sagittarius: Feeling social?  Follow that impulse.  Get out there and mingle.  Go on  a Sangha tour.  Take some new yoga classes in your neighborhood.  Check out that new health food spot.  It’s all about staying local and soaking up the goodness that exists all around you.

Capricorn: This moon has you thinking about your holdings.  But that’s so you Capricorn.  How’s the earning potential looking?  Are you feeling good about it?  Jupiter and Uranus are blessing you from the fifth.  I think whatever risk you may be considering, the stars are on your side.

Aquarius:  You’re redesigning how you show up in community.  You may need to take a little step back to make sure your own house is in order.  Uranus and Jupiter are simultaneously blessing and stressing out your home sector.  You have everything that you need and you may feel like you are overextending yourself and taking care of everyone and everything. Take a breather. You are enough.

That’s what I got, friends.  Hope these thoughts landed on you in a sweet way.  Happy new Year, everybody!!

A new astrologer to me, Patrick Walsh,  reminds me how important it is to recognize others.  See what people do for you and the community that you are in.  Seeing, hearing and acknowledging those around you is an act of love……and very Aquarian. (The Astrology Hub is featuring a beautiful conversation with Coach Patrick about the nature of Aquarius).

Nappysnatch, Out!!!

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