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Happy New Moon in Virgo!

The New Moon in Virgo is upon us! At 9:39 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, September 14, 2024, the Sun and the Moon will appear to be in the same degree of Virgo kicking off a six month cycle of opportunity culminating on February 24, 2024 at the Full Moon in Virgo.

On the eve of this new moon, I found myself standing on the dining room table cleaning the outside of the windows. So satisfying! This lunation is super earthy and meticulous. And the mighty Jupiter supports it all from the fertile ground that is Taurus. That feels like overdraft protection. That feels like surprise vegetables springing up from the compost pile. That feels like the check is in the mail!

A Virgo New Moon could make us feel busy. Planning. Scheduling. Organizing. But Jupiter makes sure the payoff is sweet. And possibly even a little unexpected. Uranus is right next to Jupiter keeping us all on our toes. But Uranus plus Jupiter feels like a welcome surprise to me. Maybe you get hit with an inspired idea that adds dollars to the bottom line. Maybe you get a bonus for a job well done. Taurus speaks to our resources.

The day after the New Moon (the same day in some parts of the world) Mercury turns direct. Ahhhhh. Did you feel that brain fog lift? Celebrate this new found clarity by getting organized. Plan next week’s menu and have a food prep day. Scan your home for disorder and get to work. Look at your calendar and make sure all your appointments are in order. Clean your studio. Vacuum the cat. You get the picture.

Depending on your rising sign, this month’s full moon will be operating in different areas. So, find 21° of Virgo in your chart. That’s where your work is. Then find Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. That’s where your support is coming from. Read the following horoscopes for your rising sign. Or, do like I do and read them all and take whatever feels good! We’re all all of the signs, afterall!

ARIES: Feeling good about yourself, Aries? Well try not to let it get to your big head! Jupiter is your wingman right now, bigging you up from the comfort of your second house. That’s where our self-worth lives. So keep doing what you’re doing cuz it’s working. This lunation is highlighting your health, wellness and rituals of your day. So, pay attention to your diet. Invoke daily discipline.

TAURUS: Enjoy this creative moment. You’ve got the Moon and Mercury in your fifth house of art making. Writers get an extra blessing because Mercury is the prince of the written and spoken word. And folks are happy to see you, Taurus. Jupiter in your first house gives you an air of optimism that just feels good in the room. You’re full of good ideas. So, if you’ve got something to pitch, it’s a great time because your ideas are welcome.

GEMINI: Take a breath, Gemini, and stop talking for a second. Your work this month is super internal. The New Moon is tucked away in your fourth house of home and where you came from. And Jupiter and Uranus are moving through a deeply personal area of your chart. It is time to call your energy back. Forgive and release. Write a letter and burn it. Old memories may surface. It’s time to let something go.

CANCER: This new moon brings fresh energy to your social scene. The Moon and Mercury are in your third house of communication and neighborliness. Sibling and cousins are also implicated. If Mercury Retrograde gave you writer's block, the words should finally begin to start flowing. Or maybe you were feeling some tension between you and your siblings. Get everyone together! Friends and family! Share a meal. You have a lot of support coming from your social circles so get in there and mingle.

LEO: You’re the hardest working Lion in the business this month, Leo. You’re organized and you feel like you know what needs to be done. Your work is paying off and you are being recognized. Jupiter is in your tenth house giving a major boost to your career. So do what you do best and show off, Leo because it’s all about you. But isn’t it always?

VIRGO: The frustrations that you’ve been feeling should begin to lift shortly after this new moon. Mercury is going direct in your first house offering you the opportunity to say what you need to say. Jupiter from the ninth house of highter learning invites you to expand what you know. Look beyond the bridge of your own nose. Sometimes you get mired in the details, Virgo. Look up. Look out and allow yourself to marvel at the infinite. Ponder what is out of your control. Scary as that may seem. Reflect on your beliefs.

LIBRA: Your new moon is introspective AF. Analyze those dreams. Go back to therapy. And if you’re obsessing over somebody, STOP! Breathe. And just enjoy. Jupiter in your 8th house may make you feel a little obsessed. So, just slow down and be present. Yes, the sex is amazing. Yes, you shared a past life with this person. Keep your feet on the ground.

SCORPIO: Your new moon chapter highlights your social circle. Whatever setbacks you have been experiencing should be clearing up now. Communication should be getting back to normal. So many meetings! Your relationships are fruitful now so lean into your partnerships. Any groups that you work with that are service oriented are thriving now so get busy changing the world. We need you!

SAGITTARIUS: Lots to do, Sag. The new moon is your career sector and your day to day responsibilities are picking up. Pay attention to your health. Eat well because you are going to need all of your energy for all the work that needs to be done. Keep the lines of communication open with your bosses. And if you are the boss, maintain an open door policy.

CAPRICORN: The earthy goodness of this new moon feels really good to you Capricorn. You feel in the flow creatively. It’s like you are floating up the mountain instead of plodding meticulously upwards. Your efforts have the potential of reaching far and wide. Infuse your good works with belief in what you are doing. You would make an excellent mentor right now so consider taking some young people under your wing.

AQUARIUS: The new moon in your eighth house is highlighting your intimate connections. Jupiter is supporting you from home and family ties so keep the lines of communication open with your peeps. Tend to your business relationships or anyone that you are tied to contractually. There is a lot of movement happening below the surface so keep a close eye on things that are behind the scenes. And put words to anything that you may be feeling. Communicate your deepest needs.

PISCES: Open up, Pisces! Your public is listening. Smile at everyone because there are gifts available to you in the faces of strangers. Jupiter is blessing your neighborhood so get out there and socialize. Work in cafes and talk to everyone’s dog. The new moon is lighting up your house of one-on-ones. So what’s your message, Pisces? Say what you need to say. Your message is important and people are ready and waiting for what you have to say!

That’s my time! Happy New Moon!!!

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