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Happy Halloween!! Full Moon in Taurus

The days are getting cooler. The squash are coming off the vine. In the northern hemisphere, the fecundity of the harvest is behind us. The earth begins to sleep. She sheds her pretty costumes and prepares to tend to the seed and the soil. Things appear to be dying, yet we know that energy has simply deepened. Internalized.

This is image is a detail of a mylar costume made by the fabulous Gregory Corbino. It reflects the light just likeour Taurus Full Moon! Check out Gregory's creations at

The Sun is in Scorpio so we can expect that something is moving out of the darkness and coming into the light. Revelations are being made. And mysteries are getting solved. Remember that full moons are the culmination of cycles begun six months prior. On April 23rd, 2020 the new moon fell in the sign of Taurus right next to Uranus. Taurus is the sign of security and groundedness. Even though we were a month into the contagion, some of us were experiencing a newfound sense of security. Government funds were supplementing lost incomes. We got to spend more time at home tending our gardens. Or organizing our closets or shredding tax papers from the 80’s, 90’s and aughts. We got lazy because we never left our apartments. We started baking and we gained the Freshman Fifteen.

You know when someone who doesn’t know you asks, “So what do you do?” It’s code for “What’s your value in society?” How do you pay for shit? For the last six months Uranus has been revolutionizing how we earn. Everyone has been caught up in the massive economic slowdown that came to a screeching halt in April.

Uranus is conjunct the Full Moon in Taurus so Something Sudden This Way Comes. Uranus likes to move us in a complete other direction than we thought we were moving. It moves us forward dramatically and suddenly. Depending on where it falls in our chart, each of us experiences the Flash in a different area of life. But somewhere, big change is afoot. Where might that be for you? Do you know your rising sign? Good. Read this...

Aries Rising: Unexpected windfall. New source of income. Renewed sense of value.

Taurus Rising: Recreating yourself. Enjoying a commitment to your own authenticity.

Gemini Rising: Unexpected breakthroughs in your subconscious. Letting go of false beliefs that sabotage your self-esteem.

Cancer Rising: Be open to opportunities to create new resources in your community.

Leo Rising: Consider taking your career in new directions. Resist clashing with authority figures.

Virgo Rising: You may experience unexpected travel or begin a new line of study. You are susceptible to unorthodox philosophies and new ways of thinking.

Libra Rising: Study of the deeper mysteries may provide new unexpected insights.

Scorpio Rising: Light is shining on your relationships. Eccentric friends and folks from other countries may be sources of inspiration.

Sagittarius Rising: Look for changes in your day to day. Any less than inspiring work situations are on the way out.

Capricorn Rising: New love affair? Big inspiration for creative projects.

Aquarius Rising: New home? Potential move.

Pisces Rising: Be open to new opportunities that spring up close to home.

We’re still deep in the throes of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. The transformation of old systems continues. Society is experiencing a rebirth. Where has renewal been occurring in your life? Tend to it. Focus on whatever it is you want to expand in our life.

I am available to help you understand the unique spirit print that is your birth chart. Find me at or

And remember that Love always wins. Happy Halloween.

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