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Growth, Prosperity & Abundance are Mine.

Happy New Moon, Seekers. This New Moon is lush, fruitful and full of growth. Here we are in the middle of Spring. The flowers are blooming and the trees are filling out. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, growth is all around us. Nature is a perfect reflection because at this New Moon in Taurus we want to set our minds on what it is that we are growing in our lives. The soil is ready for our new plans, projects and bright ideas.

Saturn is interacting with the New Moon through an inspiring slash soul crushing Square from the Renegade sign of Aquarius. Squares challenge by causing tension. That’s a nice way of saying that squares can sometimes fuck shit up. But the tension inspires us to make a positive change. It’s like scratching an irritating mosquito bite. The planets involved, in this case the moon/sun and Saturn, are each in stubborn fixed signs. Aquarius is fixed Air and Taurus is fixed earth. Saturn can make a girl moody when messing with the moon. She might have you feeling that there is too much work to do. Some boss might be getting on your damn nerves. You might even be feeling a little lonely or nostalgic in a depressing way. Lucky for us, squares inspire action.

The New Moon is also aspecting Pluto in Capricorn, but this time by a harmonious and supportive trine aspect. Typically, when two planets are connected by a trine, they are both in the same element, in this case, Earth. Earth is materiality, our bodies, the ground, nature. All things that you can see, taste, smell and touch. Things that you value. Your favorite outfits, your jewels, your money and ideally, YOU!

Pluto in Capricorn is fixing to knock down dilapidated structures in your life. Where he shows up in your chart, you can expect some not so subtle changes to occur. Let’s move through all of the signs and see where the planets are showing up for you.

The sign on the first house cusp or ascendent, sets up what sign will be found in all the subsequent houses. So if Aries rules your first house, Taurus will rule your second house. I know I know, there are so many different house systems and sometimes the signs don’t line up as neatly as that. For our purposes, each sign will rule one house in its entirety.

Let’s start with:

Aries Rising: The new moon in Taurus in the 2nd house is in it’s happy place. This month is a good month for making money and you will probably want to treat yourself to something nice. Be careful. Taurus can overspend in the Second House. Saturn is in the 11th house consolidating your friend circles. It might be time to say goodbye to friends that don’t support a thriving and prosperous version of you. Anyone who wants you to play small is cut from the team. Thank you for your service. Pluto is shaking things up at work. Big changes coming at the office.

Taurus Rising: The New Moon is cruising through your first house setting off all kinds of changes in the way you define yourself and present yourself. You are becoming clearer on what makes you feel personally powerful. You may be feeling tension in the workplace. Are you feeling valued? This could be a good time to think about a graduate degree that could increase your value professionally. Maybe you earn a professional certificate. Look for opportunities overseas.

Gemini Rising: The New Moon in the Twelfth House has you all deep and introspective this month. Lean into the healing power of the Earth. Bury yourself in sand if you’re lucky enough to live on the coast. Stick your hands in some dirt. Explore embodied healing practices that incorporate the energetic self and the physical self. Tai Chi. Qi Gong. Yoga. Ecstatic Dancing in your Living Room. If you are feeling caught up in emotional entanglements, consider taking yourself on a little adventure. Even if it’s just to the park or taking a walk on the beach.

Cancer Rising: The New Moon in the 11th house has you collaborating and feeling pretty social this month. The 11th house is where you can dream of a better future. Find the folks that are envisioning a new and better world. What’s it like to hang out with that optimistic crew? This is a great time to generate some new alliances. A transformational partnership could also be headed your way. Thank you Pluto in the 7th house of relationships.

Leo Rising: This new moon is brightening up your career sector. Great, so your work life is getting transformed. Fertility at work. New projects. New people. Allow the good to rush in dear, Leo because the folks in charge are paying attention. Who couldn’t pay attention to you. It’s not just about wearing a loud shirt. Put your best creative foot forward and expect professional uplift.

Virgo Rising: You’re feeling inspired, Virgo. Your mind is thirsty for new ideas and new experiences. Taurus is always hungry. The 9th house is international. You suddenly crave Mexican food. Authentic Mexican Food. You might even be tempted to check out CheapAir tickets. Think of creative ways to get international. The world is at our fingertips most of the time. Smartphones and the internet make it too easy to take a virtual tour of a castle in Scotland or to earn an online degree from another country. Think big.

Libra Rising: New Moon in Taurus plants seeds. In your chart, they are in the Eighth House. Who are you combining your forces with? Sharing resources with? Your partnerships can be extremely powerful now. Combining your powers and resources with trustworthy partners can grow a long-lasting legacy. Deep trust is necessary. Egos will need to be held accountable and kept in check in order to keep the peace.

Scorpio Rising: Your relationships are growing beautifully. Or maybe you have made a new friend. Someone who makes you feel amazing. A new bestie or a new colleague or a new lover. Your growth, Scorpio, is tied up with the growth of another, just like you like it. Say what you think. Your words are powerful this month. Say what you mean. Say what you want out loud.

Sagittarius Rising: Healthy Body, healthy mind, healthy spirit. New Moon in the Sector where the body’s organs do their work. Tend to your bodies, great Centaurs (Sagittarians).Your diets are full of whole delicious foods that fuel a body that moves. This month, you turn towards the beautiful machine that is your body. Treat it well. Tend to it’s needs. Keeping your body in tune allows you to be generous with your support and service to others. Healthy Body. Healthy Society.

Capricorn Rising: You are making costumes, paintings, children. You are having a good time this new moon, Capricorn. You have so much creative energy. And it’s expressed so expertly and beautifully. People think you’re a trained artist but you’re just doing what you do. You’re dripping with style and people want to be you. Or maybe you are trained because you’ve wanted to be a creative. This is a time when others are really noticing what you can do. You are powerfully magnetic this month. And if you’re feeling a bit of a financial strain, it may be a good time to revamp your personal money management style. Get your pocketbook organized. You’ll save money and energy in the long run.

Aquarius Rising: The moon will be speaking through the family for you, dear water bearers. So, investigate the family home or reconnect with your people if that would do you no harm. Be interested in where you come from. Remembering that this new moon is about growth. Where is growth occurring in your tribe and how are you contributing to it? Some old family dynamics may be experiencing some healing. That feels good and right. You will probably want to do some cleaning slash upgrading in your own dwelling. Maybe a new couch cover or set of sheets. Natural fabrics feel so good.

Pisces Rising: The New Moon appears in your House of Communication, Siblings and Social interaction. This would be a good time to go into business with your sister. Or start a savings club with your brother. Saturn from the 12th house has you doing the work of unearthing old tapes that may be sabotaging your worthiness or making you feel bad about yourself. And Pluto supports your growth by way of technology in ways that are new for you. The internet has the potential to connect you to others that are making similar moves as you. Join a facebook group for entrepreneurs. Start making content for your TikTok followers. Connect with others that are planting seeds similar to yours.

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