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Full Moon in Taurus 5°

Happy Full Moon, everybody and Happy Halloween! This full moon is also a lunar eclipse. The last of the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses that started in November of 2021. Talk about spooky! Imagine being an early human enjoying the light of the full moon. You might be finishing up some farm work by its light, when suddenly the shadow of the earth falls slowly over her light, turning the moon blood red. The light goes out and your crops fall into darkness. Do you panic? Feel fear? Confusion? Probably.

The eclipses always fill us with wonder. This particular eclipse might have us grappling with a bit of dread. We’ve got two major wars occurring. It’s crazy times in the American government. How are you feeling, friends? Three planets in Scorpio plunge us into our inner depths. What is really going on? What energies are moving beneath the surface?

First of all, full moons in general represent a culmination of events beginning at the New moon in Taurus, roughly six months ago. But also, we can think more recently and consider the new moon from two weeks ago which was the solar eclipse in Libra. Agriculturally, the seeds that we planted in the spring have rooted, grown, bloomed, blossomed, been harvested and now the gardens are preparing for their winter rest.

The Taurus/Scorpio eclipses have been blessing us for three years. What’s changed for you as far as your economic reality? What’s blossomed? What’s passed away? Covid had a lot of ending, changing or birthing new careers.

Think about what has bloomed for you this year. What are you putting to rest and what new dreams are you conjuring for the new year? Two weeks ago I leaned heavily on relationship themes. Everyone I spoke to had big things happening with one or more of their primary relationships and a lot of it was running hot.

This full moon also brings the heat in the form of Mercury and Mars being almost exactly conjunct. So think before you speak this weekend because this eclipse is highlighting our deep issues thanks to Scorpio. It would be healthy for all of us to turn inwards and look deep inside of ourselves instead of pontificating on what everyone else should be doing. It’s easy to have opinions about what he/she/they are doing wrong. But I think your time would be better spent investigating your own drives. How are you carrying old stories into the future? What’s going on in your own shadow?

This full moon is ruled by Venus in Virgo. Venus isn’t her most glamorous self in Virgo but she is extremely sensitive to what isn’t working. The planet of relationships is super meticulous right now. You might be looking at your bestie with new and judgemental eyes. Did he always chew like that? Ugh. And why don’t you ever offer to pick up the check? Mars and Mercury are going to want to say something. Blurt something really. Let’s commit to taking a collective breath before telling others what isn’t working for us about them. And then look at our own shit.

Venus opposite Neptune in Pisces can have us confused about what is really going on on the other side of the table.

The moon is loosely conjunct Jupiter in Taurus. Taurus represents the land. Our resources. Our values. How we value ourselves. Our self-worth and how we bring home the bacon. Jupiter here feels like good news. Fertile and feeling good. But Jupiter is opposite that mouthy and opinionated Mercury/Mars situation. Fighting over resources. Competing. Warring. Toddlers fighting over a favorite toy in the sandbox.

Capitalism has us all competing for the money, the property, the stuff. I’m encouraged by nearby Uranus because he pulls into the next generation of resource sharing. Is there a better way? Is there a system where we all can get our needs met? I like to think so, but I’m annoyingly optimistic. In our personal lives where are we feeling abundant and where are we feeling like folks are trying to take our shit?

I feel like this full moon is echoing Rodney King after the beat down he got by four cops in LA in 1992. “Can’t we all just get along?” he pleaded after getting out of the hospital. Tempers were running hot. Us against the cops. White against Black. It was scary. I was in DC and the folks was rioting in the streets. Running for the stuff. Breaking windows to get valuable things.

Consider who you are afraid of losing. Pay attention to feelings like jealousy. Who are you afraid of losing? What do you fear others are trying to take from you?

If you can, remind yourself what you do have and step up that gratitude practice. That is always good medicine.

Here’s a little peek into where the moon is lighting up (then darkening) your chart. Read your Rising Sign first, then sun and moon.

ARIES: The moon is in your second house of stuff, Aries. Be careful with impulsive spending. Just because you have extra dough or really good credit doesn’t mean you have to spend it all now! Allow yourself to think outside the box when it comes to your income. You may have some interesting new ideas about some extra streams of income.

TAURUS: The full moon in your first house gives you permission to switch things up and plant some seeds for a brand new you. Maybe you’ve got a new side hustle idea. Whatever plans you’ve got brewing, maybe keep them safe from naysayers for the next two weeks until you can really get something going. You might find that well-meaning friends have a lot of opinions that could distract you from what you’re trying to do.

GEMINI: The full moon is in your twelfth house Gemini. I know you typically like to flit around like a butterfly but this full moon invites you to slow down and dream. Give yourself some time to be alone. Cozy up with your favorite blanket, drink some hydrating tea and just be still. Fill the kitchen with your favorite foods and let this be a time for recharging yourself and your soul.

CANCER: Allow yourself to spend time in whatever groups of friends or colleagues that support your own creative drives. This is a great time to both do some fun stuff while simultaneously improving your own image of yourself. Get into some art making with a like-minded crew. Or even join a book club. Anything where you work collectively will serve you right now.

LEO: The full moon is in your tenth house of career so you can make some power moves in that arena. Talk to the boss. You have a great idea you want to pitch. Do it! What are your passion projects? Just because your career is over doesn’t mean that you have nothing to offer your community. You have important medicine that society needs.

VIRGO: Expand your mind, Virgo. I know you like it how you like it but loosen up, will ya? The full moon in your 9th house invites you to travel, staycation, read or study something that supports your interests. Go to a library or a bookstore and just allow yourself to be drawn to your next great read.

LIBRA: I know you like to keep it light, Libra, but you could really benefit with some good introspection. Make an appointment with your therapist and look into those habits that you just can’t quit. Don’t be afraid of your own shadow. Shine some light into the dark corners of your mind. Feel unsure about where to start? Ask a trusted bestie to reflect back to you some of your unsavory parts. Then look at them in the light with love and compassion.

SCORPIO: Welcome to your season, Scorpio. Your relationships are in the spotlight this full moon. You might be feeling big changes occurring among your most important besties. Some serious convos may be upon you. Consider using a trusted mediator to help with any conflicts you may be having. Maybe don’t say every first thing that pops into your head. Breathe.

SAGITTARIUS: Turn your attention to the flow of your day, Sag. Clean up your diet. Choose some healthy new recipes and commit to some new healthy habits. The full moon is in your sixth house of service and workflow. Give some of your positive energy to others. Experiment with work dates and accountability partners.

CAPRICORN: Turn some of your disciplined energy towards creativity. You may even be blessed with some flirty fun. Is there someone in your extended friend family that you’d like to get to know better? Ask them to share a sandwich! Take a risk. This could really be a mood elevator.

AQUARIUS: It’s important for you to feel grounded in your home. So tend to your personal space. Maybe even do some deep cleaning. Windows, anyone? Some fall house cleaning can really help you feel grounded. Your head is always in the clouds and could use some good earthy medicine. Sweep, pray, love.

PISCES: Sweet sensitive Pisces. You don’t have to wander far to squeeze the goodness out of this full moon. Just get out into your neighborhood and love up on your neighbors. Keep your head up and greet the people. Surprising gifts are to be had on the streets of your neighborhood. So, hang out at new spot. Do your lap topping at the other cafe. Let your immediate surroundings love you.

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