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Full Moon in Pisces

August 30, 2023 9:35 pm EST

Happy Beyoncé Season, Virgo’s. As a kid, I loved me a school supply list. Still do. I may or may not have just overspent in MUJI this afternoon cuz…..PENS!! It’s been a busy week, celestially. We entered Virgo Season. Today is the full Super Blue Moon in Pisces. Both Mercury and Uranus went Retrograde. Venus is about to go Direct. Let’s take a look:

A Pisces full moon makes things super tender, even weepy. Both full moons this month are traditionally ruled by Saturn (Aquarius/Pisces), who happens to be in a pretty tight conjunction with the Moon presently. What does Saturn do to a wide open Piscean vibration? Well, he helps us to get things done that we may not actually want to do, but need to do. Yes, Saturn can dampen a vibe, but he also gets you to Carnegie Hall. Or, at least, through your To-Do list.

Mercury has been Retrograde for a few days and I hope by now, we resist the urge to assume the worst from this transit. It’s Virgo Season and we’re transitioning from Barbie Dream House to Sexy Librarian. Because brains, order, and all things antibacterial are super hot too. (That’s for the germaphobes…the rest know that Purell is rarely sexy. Necessary, but Ew.)

How do we honor this season? Easy, get into the details of your home and make some order. Detail the car. Choose one silverware font and put the rest on Free Stuff dot com. Do the windows!! Pull out drawers and refold, recycle and get ready for the new productive year. Mercury is not the only retrograde planet out there, chirren. So, don’t rush into anything. Tend to micro steps. Review the Plan.

Jupiter and Venus are doing all they can to sabotage the Saturnian restraint that is present. In a tight fixed square, beware of over spending ( I didn’t need all those damn pens). Try not to take your own frustrations out on others. Venus implies our relationships. In Leo, she can be very performative emotionally and a little bit needy. Remember, this full moon is on emotional overload.

Let’s peek at where this full moon might be illuminating your chart. The following are primarily for your rising sign. Read what thou wilt.

ARIES: This is the end of an era for you. The 12th house full moon implores you to let it go. Let it all go. As you begin this new chapter, don’t be afraid to ask for tangible guidance from your spirit guides. Saturn in Pisces expertly deciphers messages from Spirit. #Iheardeadpeople

TAURUS: Community is one of your greatest resources. Ma,e sure that you stay in sacred play with your closest buds. Act like children. Feel how strong you are as a group. #withoutyouImnothing

GEMINI: You may be feeling stagnant in your career. You can get bored easily but Saturn is helping you to slow down and deepen. You may be feeling that you don’t have any friends at work. Saturn can be isolating. Use that natural charm of yours and sit next to somebody new in the lunchroom. #quietyourmindandbreathe

CANCER: The world is calling. You may feel called to learn something new. You could be looking for a framework or philosophy to believe in. Take the time to challenge yourself. Ask yourself, “What do I know to be true?” #everythingforareason

LEO: The full moon illuminates your eighth house. Pay close attention to your financial relationships. Don’t rush into any new contracts. Fully vet any new financial partners. Read every letter of the contract. #moneymaster

VIRGO: Virgos are looking deep into their partners eyes. Or their bestfriend or boss. If you need to make a request, do so directly. Don’t allow yourself to be judged by others. Let that shit roll right off the back. Also, don’t be a judgey asshole. #alwaysright

LIBRA: Take a close look at your health and exercise practices. You may be revisiting some forgotten modalities. You have a lot of energy presently, so focus on your

SCORPIO: This is a great moment for world building. What are you moved to express? What inside stuff can you express externally? It’s ok to take your time. What happens when your serious side interacts with your playful side? Your projects are serious but you can have fun executing them. #workhardplayhard

SAGITTARIUS: The full moon is lighting up your fourth house. Family. Roots. You may be returning to the old country. Maybe visiting your childhood home perhaps. Look for messages from your family story. #ancestorsdreams

CAPRICORN: The name of the game is inspired communication. Is there an idea that you are trying to formulate? What is it that you want to say? Don’t give up on your message. It will continue to refine itself. #listenup

AQUARIUS: Your traditional Ruler, Saturn, is conjunct the moon in your second house. You are going to want to tend to your finances. Recommit to your spreadsheets and your budgets. Find a guru that speaks to you. I like The Budgetnista and Her First 100K. #coins

PISCES: You aren’t known for being extremely disciplined, Pisces, but this full moon is assisting you in leveling up your Inner Daddy. You are taking on more responsibility, even surprising yourself with how much you can accomplish. #growthphase

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