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Full Moon in Leo. 1-28-2021.

The moon was full today at 2:16 PM EST. It rose over the eastern horizon at about 5:00 PM. I think I set my eyes upon her at about 6:30 PM. Located at 9 degrees of Leo, I celebrated by soaking up Black Genius. American Masters has a new episode. "How it Feels to be Free" is streaming on your local PBS station. That's Chanel 13 for us New Yorkers. Leo is warm, charming, gorgeous, talented and full of Pride. The Women profiled in this doc were trailblazers, activists, actors and musicians. They were all unapologitically Black. Nina, Abby, Dianne, Cicely, Pam and Lena. Bright Shining Stars All of them. Let them inspire you and make you proud.

Where are you feeling Black and Shiny? You know I like to say that all the best Bitches can produce their natal chart in 15 seconds or less. So, on the count of three, shout out the location of 9 degrees Leo in your chart. One-Two-Three-6th HOUSE!!! Very Nice. Everyone should have yelled out a number between One and Twelve. There are twelve areas that are delineated in the natal chart. Each one of these areas is called a House, and everyone of us has 9 degrees of Leo in one specific location. That location, that house is where the full moon in Leo is lighting up your life.

I've dubbed this full moon, The Shine and Go Big Full Moon. Why? Well, Leo is the shiny part. The big part is Jupiter conjunct the Sun. A conjunction occurs when, from our perspective her on Earth, two planets appear to be in the same spot in the sky. The energies are in the same sign and the needs of the planets are combined and working together. Jupiter has been called the Greater Benefic or the Good Luck planet. Anywhere Jupiter shows up in the sky, gets bigger. The Sun represents our will to become ourselves, to create and to shine. Touched by Jupiter the Sun is feeling itself, feeling itself, It's feeling itself. Yes, think of Nikki and Beyonce. feelin' theyselves. That's the level of bad assery the Sun and Jupiter conjunct.

So, I ask again, where are you feeling your badass self?

In the first House? So, you have Leo Rising? That's cool, Queen. You love when mere mortals prostrate themselves in your presence. As they should. Be mindful not to let your pride summon the proverbial fall.

2nd House? Cancer Rising folx are feeling that finanacial boost. The second house reflects our self-worth and our ability to earn based on our own abilitiy. It's our prosperity consciousness.

3rd House? Gemini Rising, the mile or two radius around your house is what is being highlighted. Allow yourself to be social. Maybe have. socially distanced lightfare at a fave spot. Flirt with the waiter.

4th House? Taurus Rising. This Covid Stay at Home thing is working out for you just fine. The house never looked so good. The fridge is stocked. You have all that you need and all is well.

5th House? Aries Rising folx are feeling courageous and lucky. Resist the urge to by 1000 lotto tickets. Instead create something. Did you finish your Great Conjunction Vision Board?

6th House? Pisces Rising, What are the daily habits that set you up for success? How are you taking care of your body so you can show up for others? Your work life is getting a boost. Your're moving on up!

7th House? Aquarius Rising. Pay attention to your relationships. Make sure to tell your peeps how much they mean to you. Let your best friendships remind you how much you are loved.

8th House? Capricorn Rising may be signing conracts today. It's a great day to collaborate, especially if the partnership supports the greater good on some level.

9th House? Sag Risings may feel like taking on a practice that restores their faith in Life, Joy and the Pursuit of Humanity. What belief systems are you living from? What schools of thought inspire you?

10th House? Scorpio Risings have the lunar light shining on their careers. Are you treading water or moving on up? Who are the power players in the scene you want to move around in? Go to them.

11th House? Libra Rising, you beautiful bastard. Shine a light on your social circles and yout chosen family? What are you conjuring together.

12th House? You have Virgo Rising and inside the action for you this full moon takes place in your deep subconscious-ness. Call your therapist and get to truth-telling. Much to be gained by going within.

This full moon is meant to be transformative for all of us. Venus and Pluto are conjunct so we are learning to discard anything that doesn't support our healthy sense of self. Planets are piling up in Aquarius so our healthy selves are finding ways to serve our communities. I feel good. I help you feel good. We're letting go of some old stuff, people. Some old dysfunctional self-defeating crap. Finally. Do yourself a favor and download your local PBS channel's app. Watch "American Masters: How It Feels to be Free" and let these Black Women show you something about pride.

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