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Exploring the Energies and Opportunities of the New Moon in Sagittarius.

Let's expand, shall we? At 6:32 PM EST, the moon and sun began a new cycle, this time at 20° of the Mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius. We are invited to begin again. To start another chapter of our lives.

So, here we are in the final days of 2023. The world is on fire. Folks are in the streets and the citizens of Palestine are fighting for their lives. What should we pray for? Where do we fit in the grand scheme of things?

Sagittarius is the sign of the Truth Seeker and the Truth Teller. Ruled by Jupiter, this sign is responsible for expansion and grace. Study and Philosophy. In Sag we try to find some sort of order. We want life to mean something.

I am a student of A Course in Miracles and the very first lesson is "Nothing I see has any meaning." Well damn, that doesn't feel spiritual. The idea behind this lesson is not that life is meaningless but, that we, each of us, projects a story or a meaning onto everything that we see and experience. Sagittarius tends to see the glass as half full. Well, overflowing with fullness, actually. This can be very annoying to folks who are suffering at the hands of another. It's especially annoying to folks flooding the streets and demanding that world leaders stop killing the innocent and putting corporations before humans and nature.

The energy of Sagittarius invites us to believe in......something. To expand our undersrtanding of this world outside of what we can see, hear, taste and smell. What if life is unfolding just as it should? What if life on Earth is actually getting better? What if we're finally getting to a time in our human story where war and bombs and bloodshed will no longer be tolerated as a means of solving problems.

The worldwide cry to Ceasefire in Gaza suggests that we do in fact know what to do and how to be. Stop killing. Stop stealing land from people of color. Stop with the White Supremacy. Stop with the Misogyny and Racism and and and...

How do we grapple with all of the ugly in the world while still believing that Life is inherently meaningful? The sun, the air, the water, the land. Miraculous and Meaningful. Just because. Each of us is so valuable. Just because. Jupiter, the ruling planet of this new moon is in Taurus, a sign that understands the inherent value of our bodies and the Earth and all things that are born and grow and exist. Taurus embodies the miracle that is life on Earth.

I study prosperity and metaphysics at the Celebration Spiritual Center in Brooklyn. And this week's message was about Enough-ness. That we are all enough and have enough to thrive in this and every season. This belief is so Jupiterian. So optimistic. There is more to us than we can sense with our human selves. We have to allow the expansive nature of our spiritual selves to come to the table. Not just to be woo woo. Not to ignore the troubles of the world. But to open ourselves to inspired right action. A Course in Miracles offers this prayer:

Where should I go? What should I do? What should I say and to whom?

You wanna rage? Great.

You wanna bake? Great.

You wanna rage bake? Great. (that's for you, Tangerine)

You wanna cry? Please.

Scream? Do it.

Pray. Write. Organize. Cook. Walk. Run.

Do something. Channel the fire into something good. Into something that affirms life.

Allow the energy of Jupiter and Sagittarius to expand who you think you are and what you think you are capable of doing. This new moon is cozied up to Mars, the planet of action. So much energy. Volatile. Opinionated. Violent. Aggressive. Passionate. Bossy. How can we channel this energy into something good? Be careful, out there. Look before you leap. Mars can be hella accident prone. Go places you've never been. Read books you've never read. Consider what beliefs guide you and take inspired action in order to embody those beliefs.

Another world is possible. Another you is possible. Everything is possible. And give yourself a break if you aren't quite sure of your next steps into expansive living. Neptune is stressing out this New Moon from Pisces. Confusion can be a part of that. Avoidance can be a part of that. And then a few days into this new lunar month, Mercury is gonna do what Mercury does. Retrograde, baby.

That's all I got for now. More on the New Moon through the signs tomorrow and later in the week, Mercury Retrograde. Peace, friends. I'm out.

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