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Cancer New Moon 7°

This New Moon in Cancer occurs at 10:52 PM on June 28th, 2022 on the east coast. The questions I am choosing to ponder:

What part of myself still remains under nourished and what happens now, if I choose to feed her?

I know I am growing and maturing emotionally, but how am I doing that? Is it purposeful? Spiritual? What tools or what people do you think nurture your relationship to yourself?

What new cycle is beginning for you? 7° Cancer. Go find it in your chart. The two aspects that interest me are the conjunction to Black Moon Lilith. And the square to Jupiter From Aries.

New moons are like new chapters. A fresh slate. A new month. The new moon chart sets the tone for the incoming lunation or four-week lunar cycle. This New Moon in Cancer is the first of the summer. Cancer, a cardinal sign is the first season of the summer, making it a Cardinal or Self-Initiating sign. Cool. So, we’re to tap into our boss bitch. Cardinal Signs equal Boss Bitches.

OK, So it’s a new phase. The part of me who knows what she wants is driving the bus. What else? Well, Cancer is a water sign. An inward facing, pay-attention-to-what-the-emotions-are-doing water sign. I’m thinking that this new moon is an invitation to level up our emotional intelligence. Blaming others for our bad attitude is so yesterday. Yes, you were given stuff. Broken, under-developed emotional baggage from your genetic parents, not to mention the pile of shit the folks who raised you planted in your subconscious.

This new moon invites us to take Dominion over our inner lives. Our emotional lives. Our spiritual lives. Our invisible and eternal selves. Wait, what? Can we agree that there is much more to the story outside of our physical selves? The hard shell of the Crab delineates with a hard line the edges of the physical body. A healthy boundary is necessary when swimming in an energetic ocean with millions, nay, billions of other beings. It’s crucial if I am going to figure out who I am.

This month’s new moon is Conjunct Black Moon Lilith, the ornery first wife in the garden of eden. She walked out because the patriarchy’s missionary bullshit did not get her off. Bye, Felicia. In our chart’s this Planet (not exactly a planet but a mathematical location) represents the part of ourselves that have been shamed into exile or not accepted by respectable Society.

What part of yourself have you been keeping in the closet? This new moon invites you to Know Thyself in an even deeper way darling by inviting your shadow natures to the party. If you don’t they’re just gonna fuck shit up anyway. But, Ash, what if I don’t know what my shadow nature wants? What if I don’t know what it is? Look at the parts of your life that feel yucky? And then resist the temptation to blame everyone else for the yuckyness. What part have I played in the drama? Be honest.

And what about the Jupiter square? In Aries, Jupiter is high energy and optimistic. So, resist any tendency to avoid your pain. If you feel like crying, cry for god’s sake. Doesn’t that feel better? For those of us who are moving or traveling, it’s ok if you feel destabilized. It doesn’t mean that the move or the change is wrong or doomed. Think of it as jet lag. Making a big change is hard and you are allowed to feel woozy.

That’s all for me. Nappysnatch, out!

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