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Beauty in the Darkness

On Friday, October 16, 2020 at 3:31 PM EST the Moon and Sun will come together in the sign of Libra. Welcome to the Libra Lunation. One of my best friends is an artist and a puppet maker and a singer and a musician and he’s one of the most beautiful humans on Earth. A few moons ago, he invited me to collaborate with him using one lunar cycle as inspiration. He would create a sculpture and I would write about the astrology of the moment, each week for four weeks. Well, Gregory is a Virgo, with Libra Rising. He’s exacting and deliberate and he makes any room that he walks into more beautiful. This month’s New Moon is ruled by Venus and Venus is currently in Virgo, making Gregory the perfect soul to conjure with.

This image is untitled but I call it Beauty in the Darkness:

Cowhide, Rooster Feathers and Velour

Through Libra we begin to understand the value of our relationships and our collaborations. What do I bring to the table and what do you bring to the table?

Cowhide, Rooster Feathers and Velour. They feel so different on the skin. But Gregory has chosen to bring them together. As the temperature drops, our clothing gets heavier. We need to protect ourselves from the elements and from what’s going on out there. Thank you cowhide. Our energies continue to draw inward as the nights get longer. We curl up under comforters filled with feathers. Thank you, feathers. Without the animal kingdom, we’d perish in the elements. Velour. OK, Velour’s a little harder. [Google Modern day uses for Velour]. Thank you, Velour.

So, what does any of that have to do with this month’s new Moon? Working together, that’s what. Collaboration. Collectivity. This new moon asks us to ponder co-creation and Interconnectedness. The Capricorn cluster is squaring the new moon, stressing it out. Saturn in Capricorn is Daddy energy. Top down power over. Old White Men in a big house who have been used to running shit for a long time. They count their money and all they care about is the bottom line. Add Pluto and you get massive, epochal change. Eras shifting and new paradigms emerging. Pluto reveals the cracks in the foundation. He exerts so much pressure, that if the foundation is flawed, the building is coming down.

The Libra new moon wants us to talk to each other. To share stories so that we may begin to see likeness instead of difference. Opposite Mars retrograde in Aries, one would expect to encounter a lot of violence and hard-headedness. In opposition, Mars brings a fighting spirit to this lunation. But Mars is retrograde all month and retrograde energies flow inward. In her Aries Full Moon Forecast, one of my favorite astrologers, Stormie Grace, suggested that when Mars is retrograde, he embodies the more feminine aspect of the God of War, Athena, master strategist. I love this!

Who do you want to be with if shit goes sideways? Who inspires growth in you? Who have you practiced your Emergency Getaway plan with? Who are you studying Eracism with? Who is arming you with the tools to emerge successfully into our Brave New World? I tend to be annoyingly optimistic. And I make a practice of paying attention to the good. There is always so much good to take in. The rain is coming down in Brooklyn right now and my garden (I have a garden!) is happily hydrating. What’s good in your life today?

Books I’m Reading: A delicate blend of studying the past and preparing for the future.

Caste by Isabel Wilkerson

Community that I adore that supports me in locating peace inside of myself



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