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Our homes protect us so beautifully from the chaos of the outiside world.

Everything Begins at Home

Our day starts at home

We grow in the belly of mommy, our first home.

We're protected from the elements, the debt collectors, the boogey man.

The New Moon in Cancer is an optimal time to reboot your prayer meditation stillness or movement practice. Whatever draws you inward is now supported by the nurturing New Moon in Cancer. Today we begin a new chapter in our lives. Focus on what who and where you feel safe and secure an honor that place. Bless it. Be grateful for it. Clean it.

New Moon Cancer Questions we can ask ourselfves based on our Rising Signs.

Aries Rising: Am I feeling a balanced between my inner and outer life? How is my home/work life feeling? Maybe don't work in the bedroom.

Taurus Rising: How do I feel when I move around my neighborhood? Do I love where I live? Am I good neighbor?

Gemini Rising: How can I step my self-care rituals? What makes me feel really good? Let's do some more of that. Am I feeling powerful in my intimate connections?

Cancer Rising: How do I feel about the current version of myself? How am I representing myself in the world? Whom do I care for and who cares for me? Which of my relationships are helping me to evolve and transform?

Leo Rising: Do I love my therapist? Who is helping me navigate my deepest and most vulnerable places? Do I feel safe engaging my shadow? What is my shadow?

Virgo Rising: Who am I aligning with and why? Does my friend group help me grow or keep my stuck? If they don't nurture your garden, don't let them in the garden.

Libra Rising: How am I feeling about the career? Do I have or even want one? Am I contributing to my community in a way that feels powerful? Do I know what I want to be when I grow up?

Scorpio Rising: Have I ever studied myself? Do I know why I feel the way that I do? Do I feel like I am evolving from year to year? Where was I this time last year?

Sag Rising: Am I nurturing my intimate connections? Am I taking care of my business partners? Are they taking care of me? Do I feel at home in my sexual expression?

Capricorn Rising: Have I told my besties how much I adore them? Do I feel safe introducing my boo to my family? Who supports the inner work I've been doing?

Aquarius Rising: Did I get my annual check-up this year? How can support my own healthy and beautiful body? Whom can I support that may not be feeling comfortable in theirs? Share some your overflow with the unhoused community.

Pisces Rising: Do I have a comfortable place to create? Am I feeling safe enough to express myself authentically? If possible, schedule a play date with a child in your life.

Watery hack. As you wash your beautiful temple of a self, give authentic love to the cells of your body and the wisdom of its systems. Hydrate.

Remember, this is the beginning of a six-month cycle that culminates at the full moon in Cancer around the winter holy days. Cardinal Cancer inspires us to initiate a cycle of inner healing and emotional glow ups. Sitting opposite the all powerful and transformative Pluto, today's moon assists us in making some profound changes in our lives. There may be some push pull with some intense energies between you and someone in your inner circle, a family member perhaps.

The trine to Neptune supports us in tapping into our imaginations and our relationship to our spiritual life. Ask yourself, what do I believe? Pay attention to your Spidey Sense. She don't nevah evah lie. The Crab's shell protects us from the emotional turbulence of others but Neptune reminds us that everything is connected to everything else. That concept can overwhelm and give us a feeling of a drained social battery. So, we close our eyes, take a bath, take a nap, redecorate our room if we are blessed enough to have one.

Or maybe you encourage that openess to the all. A little magic mushroom chocolate never hurt nobody. Plant medicines can aid us in strengthening our connection to Mother Earth. We remember that we are her children and she gives us everything. Clean up a park. Water a garden. Support your favorite Environmental Caregivers and Protectors. Protection is a good Cancer word. Our emotions tell everything we need to know about this moment. Just stop and ask yourself, How am I feeling? There is so much to discover in that simple question.

I hope your feels are feeling good, friends. I love you to bits. Nappysnatch, out.

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