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Astro-Notes: February 14-20, 2022

Greetings, Star-Lovers. Good News: All planets are direct. We’re over the mid-winter slump. Energy has picked up and it’s officially no longer the beginning of the year. We’re in it. Let’s do this. Do not beat yourself up if you haven’t felt like you are definitely having your best year ever. When the faster-moving planets are retrograde, we can feel slowed down or more internal than external. Kinda like trying to run through honey.

On Galentine’s Day, Monday, Mercury returned to Aquarius (the sign it was in before their retrograde period). Your communications should be authentic. Don’t be afraid to get into friendly exchanges with folks who don’t think like you. Mercury in Aquarius can talk to anyone. For all of you going on first dates, represent yourself honestly. Don’t try so hard. too hard for fuck’s sake. You have nothing to prove.

February 16:

Mars and Venus conjunct in Capricorn. I’m just going to go ahead and declare Wednesday Astrological Valentine’s Day. Did somebody say, “Let’s make a playlist!” No, but let’s make a love-themed playlist. Not the sappy kind of love that Hallmark is pushing. But the Nothing Exists Without Love kind.

Mars charges forward. Venus lays back and lets what she wants come to her. Mars is single- minded. Venus, diplomatic. In Capricorn, both planets are motivated to consider the long-term.

What do you want to be when you grow up? What excites you? Where are you willing to put in the hard work? It’s not all blood, sweat and years. With Venus in the mix, you quite enjoy your work and your colleagues.

How are your efforts making this world a more beautiful place to live in? A more peaceful place? I’m not talking about grandiose careers working for peace, necessarily. You might be the one in the office who always makes sure that the coffee pot is full. Or maybe you secretly replace the maxwell house with a sexy French dark roast.

For the next two months you get to ponder how you want to be in service to the world around you. What are you here to do? Whose lives are you here to touch?

Happy Full Moon in Leo (27º)!!

Full Moon in Leo invites us all to step into our own light. What makes you you is being invited to the world’s stage. We need what you have to offer. I add my Ashley-ness to the Cosmic Pot and we thrive together. The full moon lights up the joy inside of you. Do you remember what being playful feels like? Can you summon this feeling of levity in your mind? What makes you feel light? What makes your heart sing?

February 18:

The sun slowly moves away from Saturn and gets closer to Jupiter. That’s kinda like loosening a tight belt. Ahhhhh. That’s better. Pisces season offers us a collective hot tub. The Sun joins expansive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune in Pisces. Anywhere Jupiter lands in our charts, we can expect growth. In Pisces, the imagination is enhanced. Dreams come to the foreground. We slow down enough to sense each other. Activities featuring water win the day. We have access to compassion and forgiveness. We can let go and not feel the need to control every damn thing. We feel moved by the IS-ness of life. The miracle of being alive becomes enough.

Nappysnatch Out!

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