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And Again, We Renew

The New Moon occurs on November 15, 2020 at 23 Degrees Scorpio. 12:07am/est.

Photo by Gregory Corbino. I call it Parts Hidden

@g.corbino, thank you for collaborating with me. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for witnessing my growing pangs and sharing yours with me. Mwah. I'm yours, forever!!!!!

Happy Birthday (Scorpios)!!

Happy New Year (Witches)!!

Good Morning (Everyone)!

On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!!

Greetings Celestial Seekers!!

Tell me, what do all of those phrases have in common? They all commemorate the beginning of a new cycle. There is something sweet about it, right? Think of how you feel if you’re lucky enough to experience the sun rise. All is new. All is fresh. You have the whole day laid out before you to experience life anew. Ahhh. Feels good, don’t it? And any time two planets (in astrology, they’re all planets) in the sky come together, we acknowledge that a new cycle has begun. Every month, the sun and the moon begin again. This Middle November, the Sun and the Moon come together in the sign of Scorpio, at 23 degrees Scorpio to be exact.

Action Item: Locate 23 degrees of Scorpio in your natal chart. I like to say, all the best girls can bring up their birth chart on their phone in 30 seconds or less. OK, I usually say 60 seconds but the point is, have your celestial sky print saved in your photos app. Now, where is 23 degrees Scorpio in your chart? That’s where your Scorpio New Moon Party is Taking Place.

The Sun wants to Express itself brilliantly and creatively. The Moon wants to feel safe and secure when expressing itself authentically. The external and the internal working together… Scorpio. Scorpio is the deep dive. The undercover, caught up in the shadow, subterranean unconscious stuff. Beginning on the 15th (and for the six months following until the culmination at Scorpio Full Moon in the Spring), we take a deep dive inside of ourselves. What are we looking for?

This new moon is connected to the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction by a harmonious sextile and it is also connected to Neptune by an easeful trine.

Jupiter and Pluto are having their own very merry un-birthday. Remember, when two planets are in the same place in the sky, forming a conjunction, they begin a new cycle. Pluto in Capricorn helps us (as a global community) transform by bringing to the surface any hidden toxins that may be hurting us at a structural level (racism, toxic masculinity, Bi-Coastal Gender Norms….you know the stuff). Jupiter makes sure that we don’t miss any memos cuz it's gonna be big. What’s going to be big? The shifts. What shifts? The shifts!! Getting rid of the toxic Euro-Centric Patriarchy Crap.

Right!? What does that have to do with me? Or you? Or Us? Well, it’s not just society that is transforming. Each of us is contributing to the transformation of the world by being responsible for transforming ourselves. New Moon in Scorpio. There it is. So, some good questions/journal prompts: What do you need to let go of in order to allow yourself to be reborn into the next version of yourself? What have you been working on undoing this year? What bad magic is holding you back? What stupid tired old belief is getting in the way. What is it that you really really want? What do you feel passionate about?

No beating yourself up if you’re not sure. Sweet Neptune is here and we can use him at night. Write these prompts on a piece of paper and slip them under your pillow. Let the dream time assist you in on your deep dive into yourself. Let’s make this dark half of the year (fall/winter) a laboratory of deep introspection. Let’s challenge ourselves not to be afraid of our unsavory bits. Let’s get excited about bringing the next version of ourselves to the surface.

I do charts.

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