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A Light Returns

Thank you, Gregory, for this image. I call it The Light Returns.

The Moon is Conjunct Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. How is the Covid Cluster making you Feel (Moon)? Are you inspired into entrepreneurial action? Do you live in your bathtub? Are you constantly cooking and freezing leftovers? Are you hoping that you never have to go outside again? However you are responding, if you feel disconnected and/or overwhelmed in any way, try this: Put your Hands on Heart and Belly. Close your eyes and Breathe. Deeply and Slowly. Remind yourself that your physical existence is the tip of a multidimensional iceberg. There is more going on than you can experience sensually and how you feel is information that you can use. Can you hear your heart beating? What’s doing that?

The Sun is hanging out with retrograde Mercury. I always feel a little (okay, a lot) nostalgic during Mercury Retrograde. Sun/Merc could have your mind racing a mile a minute. Uranus definitely kicks our Nervous Systems into high gear. Eat some oatmeal and do whatever it takes to slow the system down. On the same hand, be open to ideas that come out of nowhere.

Venus rules the Libra lunation (that’s a fancy word for month) She’s in service-oriented Virgo which presents us with a lovely invitation to consider what is it we are offering? What are we putting out there? Who do you know that is committed to serving others and how does that speak to you? We’re one week into the Libra Moon Cycle. Partnership. Justice. Love. Who are you in loving community with? Who helps you move into a place of peace, thus adding more love into the world. Dream together. Work together. Sit in circle together. Read books together. Study together. Let’s pull each other into the new world.

Mars square Jupiter and the Capricorn (Covid) Cluster: There is a lot of energy combusting around the state of our world. (And by the state of the world I mean the overheating planet. I mean a world that is ready to fuck white privilege in the ass - and not in the fun way - I mean a world that is actually bursting into flames) This square produces enormous amounts of energy for deep and systemic change. It’s gonna take a minute but Saturn gives us endurance. The dreams of civil rights leaders are still coming true. The dreams of the Suffragettes are still coming true. The dreams of the Abolitionists are still coming true. It’s ok to feel demoralized. We feel it and then we keep doing the work. What do you need to do to tap into your endurance when it comes to changing the world; ok, maybe just changing your life (it’s kinda the same thing)?

Nodes square Venus & Neptune: What are you moving towards (N. Node) and what are you letting go of (S. Node)? The way we used to be in the world is over. Take this opportunity to consider reinventing yourself. It’s absolutely normal to feel confused about what’s next. But what if……..? What if you could figure out a way to make money from home? Collaborate with your neighbors? Live in another country? Change careers? Too hard? OK, what’s not feeling quite right? What would you change if you could? Start there. Tiny bits of progress. Tiny baby steps towards a new world.

It’s a week after the new moon and the moon has been visible for a few days. I always consider myself lucky if I get a chance to glimpse the waxing crescent. Sky-watching can be hard for city girls. Did you spot the crescent this week? She’s half full now. One more week until fullness. She’ll be high in the sky tonight at sunset. See if you can spot her!!

I would love to explore your birth chart with you. Use my contact page to send me a message or find me on Instagram (@Nappysnatch).

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