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25 Questions: New Moon Edition

On February 1st, just after midnight…..

New Moon in Aquarius. Twelve degrees

  1. Where are you becoming uniquely yourself?

  2. Where have you moved into deeper mastery?

  3. Suddenly I feel clear, why is that? (Venus stationed direct)

  4. I suddenly have access to my mind after being in something of a fog. Why is that? Aquarius, baby.

  5. Don’t worry about what e’erybody else is doing.

  6. Aha!

  7. I have to practice.

  8. I know how to wrap discipline around my nspiration.

  9. Raise your vibration on purpose.

  10. Did you know that you can lower your blood pressure?

  11. You can also raise your vibration.

  12. Smoke weed.

  13. Old people are smarter than you.

  14. What specific things do you want to achieve in the next 5-10 years?

  15. Connect to your Elders (get the cards)

  16. Saturn (Tradition). Aquarius (Fuck Tradition)

  17. Where is 12º Aquarius in your chart (what house?)

  18. Happy New Year!!

  19. Gong Hei Fat Choy!!

  20. Venus went direct on the 29th. So, still, relationships. Who are you building with? What are you building?

  21. Do you have good winter boots?

  22. Do you have the capacity to be responsible to others? (Capricorn)

  23. Have we finished with this Empire yet?

  24. What’s the best day that you can imagine for yourself?

  25. Where have you taken on more responsibility?

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